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    Full Body Band Workout – New Training Manual

    It’s finally live on Amazon, Full Body Band Workout and if you want to get the best deal, Friday and Saturday, April 17 and 18, it will be FREE. Yep, FREE. If you have Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime, you can get it for free right now. In order for Prime to get it free, it has to be your monthly selection and borrowed from your Kindle itself. If you order it from the website you’ll get dinged. I know… I’ll fill you in more on the details later, but here’s a quote for you, from the Preface: The Full Body Band Workout is a way to get a complete…

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    Ice Climbing Training 6 Week Preparation

    Ice Climbing Training? It is indeed that time of year. So let’s get this show on the road. I promised a few weeks ago to post my current ice climbing training program. I know from previous years that six weeks of good hard work set you up for a much more successful and fulfilling season out on the ice. Ice climbing training is way worth a little bit of effort for about 6 weeks, or more if you have it. I think if you get into a late season, or are mainly going to Ouray, this program could be done for eight or more weeks and work great. Ice Climbing…

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    Mountaineering Fitness Book Teaser

    I’ve been working for a couple years on and off with my Couch to Colorado 14er Training Program. This mountaineering fitness program is going on right now ┬áby Subscription only [HERE]. My group has received their first of 11 emails with the training materials that will get them hiking and to the summit by the end of the summer. I switched over to the more generic sounding “Mountaineering Fitness” category so that I could add in other books for other objectives as time goes forward. This year I want to get people to the top of a 14er or equivalent peak. Who knows what mountaineering fitness goal I can come…

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    Ice Climbing Training Upper Body [archive copy]

    Part One of an in-season upper body Ice Climbing training program. You should alternate this with Part Two. Since this is an in-season program we’re not going to try to get stronger. Ice climbing training should assist the primary activity of ice climbing, but not take away from it. Proper strength training would require you to take 3-5 days off from training to let the muscles recover fully before training again. This would take away from your outdoor climbing fun, since most of the week you’d be recovering, and in the long run the load would be too high. Begin with about 5-10 minutes of a light duty warmup to…

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    Losing Weight While Gaining Muscle

    Losing weight while gaining muscle is a topic I hear a lot about. From the people I coach, from other trainers, on message boards and comment threads. It’s a popular topic. A long time ago I went to a seminar for personal trainers. I had lunch with a handful of them and the topic of losing weight while gaining muscle came up among us. One of them was an online and phone remote trainer. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do that now, so I can respect that. He worked for a national chain. When I pointed out the extreme difficulty and unlikelihood of losing weight while gaining muscle, he…

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    Phase One Training Protocols for Elbrus Race 2013

    This is a great workout to prepare for the hiking season too! This first phase of training is four weeks, and builds a base for the rest of the training. 1) strive for 4,500′ of vertical per week You can break this up just about any way that makes sense, but at least 2,500′ needs to be outside and it’s better if it’s like 3 x 1,500′ though it can vary depending on conditions available. Stairmaster – is great and about the right inclination, or angle of ascent, for Elbrus Race training. Work at 75 steps per minute at this level. 20 minutes at 75 s/m = 1000′ Incline Treadmill…

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