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    Thinking Ahead – Quandary December 15

    I have been planning a trip to Colorado in mid-December for a little while now. It’s to celebrate an event with a close relative. While I’m there I hope to get a climb of Quandary in. I was hoping to make another climb back at the end of November, but the weather, road conditions, and a transportation issue meant that I could not. As is typical, I’ve been monitoring the weather on Quandary, and here is a report from one of my favorite sources…¬†https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Quandary-Peak/forecasts/4348 The top image is from the summit, and the bottom image is for about where the bridge is near the “closed for restoration” sign. So not…

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    Winter End Musings – Where do we go from here?

    It’s been a long few years since I ended up returning to work as a “mere employee” and having to waste a lot of time commuting and then sitting at at desk in an office with 26 male employoees and one toilet between us. Since most of them are typical fast-food survivors and need to spend a good deal of time squeezing out toxic waste byproducts while playing on their phones, it’s somewhat difficult to stay properly hydrated. If you can’t figure out what the connection is, let me know in a message and I’ll spell it out for you. Fighting the results of my own toxic byproducts of training…

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