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    Kiddie Kross – Cyclocross at Barnes Park

    With her older brothers to compete with, our 8 year old gave it a shot. One lap around the full course. Here we see her feet pumping furiously through the sand pit. Afterward she shook several ounces of sand out of her keen sandals. Will she continue in later years?

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    Cyclocross Jr. Mens 11+ Photo

    Our 12 year old took part in the race at Barnes Park on Nov. 7. Here’s a shot of him approaching the barriers. I look forward to him racing for FFKR as well next year.

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    February training workshop

    Chad Waterbury gave a great workshop on training and nutrition with a ton of great ideas and thought-provoking concepts at this event at Staley Performance Institute in Phoenix Arizona. I have a lot of really cool ideas to experiment with and report in later blog posts. Thanks everyone.