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    My Gear Spread Pics for the Broken Arrow VK

    I’m sure you’ve seen them on Instagram and Facebook, etc, but it’s common for runners to post pics of all their stuff laid out or being packed, with all the cool kid hashtags. I took some pics, but they aren’t really all laid out and I didn’t do all the cool kid hashtags. Here’s my suitcase almost packed, and a few other baggies I’ll be putting into my personal item carry on. I’ll be carrying on this suitcase too, as I don’t want to pay the exorbitant fees for checked luggage. Though I guess technically I have airline points that would earn me a freebie checked bag. That being said,…

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    Getting Excited for Broken Arrow Sky Race VK in Squaw Valley

    I was thrilled to find out that much of the ridge will be clear of snow, except for a few of the usual spots for the Vertical Kilometer (VK) race on Friday June 21 2019. The organizers posted a video of the famous Stairway to Heaven section of the course, showing a little bit of snow to be traversed at the base of the stairs. Check out their video: VID_20190612_150104647_3 from Broken Arrow Skyrace on Vimeo. So much fun watching that, right?My wife said “That looks a lot like you” and I replied “only my thighs are thicker…” Here is a shot of the advanced weather report for you. Just…

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    Broken Arrow VK Course Updates for June 14

    The Broken Arrow Sky Race organizers have posted on their Facebook: VK drop bags will be available on top of Squaw Peak (at the finish line). It’s helpful to pack a warm layer here so you can hang out and cheer on the other finishers…. but please note that these bags have to be left at the registration tents no later than 830am! Remember … you’ll be cruising down to High Camp (another mile) from the top of the peak too. I was curious about the descent, and that sort-of a little-bit answers it. 6/14/19 Course Update from Broken Arrow Skyrace on Vimeo. And then a bit more on the…

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    VK on the Stairmaster Stepmill

    Tuesday January 17, 2017 After doing long hill repeat workouts two days in a row, I decided to mix it up with non-running. That pretty much leaves the Stairmaster Stepmill. An hour VK on the stepmill requires that I go at 85 steps per minute for an hour. From my calculator HERE Time: 60:00Steps/Minute: 85Vertical Feet: 3400.00Miles: 0.72Average MPH: 0.724Average Pace: 82:49Vertical/Hour: 3400.00′Vertical/Minute: 56.67′VAM: 1036.3 Anything over 1000 VAM is better than an hour VK (by definition, meaning that 1000 meters is a kilometer, and an hour is 60 minutes – DOH!) Oh, don’t forget I was wearing a 12 lb vest too Just let me tell you. It’s dang…