Month: January 2019

Stryd Tech Support Question About Incline Speeds

I have been curious about using a Stryd pod for a little while now, especially with Zwift, since it might pair more consistently than the Zwift Pod, or my Wahoo Tickr Run, or my Garmin Pod or my Adidas Pod, none of which are really accurate, or connect consistently.

As a side bonus, if I use the Stryd App and sync to Strava, I can get in my usual steep treadmill training and out in the hills maybe figure out a way to more efficiently move in the mountains. You know, with the Run The Rut Lone Peak VK coming up in like 30 weeks.

After reading this

I was curious, is there a maximum incline or minimum speed that Stryd will accept for incline training on a treadmill?

It might be typical for me to set a treadmill at 22% at 3.2mph give or take a little.


Charles Miske


(Stryd Community and Help Center)

Jan 23, 09:36 MST
Hi Charles,

Thank you for contacting Stryd. Let me try to help you!

The Stryd app allows an incline from -50% to +50% and there are no restrictions on pace. At 22% incline and 3.2 mph, Stryd will still work!

Let me know if you have additional questions!


So yes, it looks like it will do what I want it to do. More later folks!

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Triple Bailed! – Hiking near Canyon Road in Snow Storm

It was a dark and stormy morning … Had the day off work so thought I’d get in some vertical training (VK in August 2019) but the storm had other ideas. Lost the trail in flat light flat powder snow over crust and rain softened mud. Had a heck of a time and ended up switching routes three times before I called it a day.

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Zwift RunPod Calibration

Zwift Running has great potential to revolutionize treadmill training. I want to get on board now while it’s free. Here I am getting it connected (via Bluetooth, really wonky setup issues) and calibrated. For more read up at

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Zwift RunPod Setup

Zwift RunPod Setup

I opened the Zwift Runpod, inserted the battery, and installed it on my favorite pair of treadmill running shoes. Check out more details at and

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