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Now is the time to Lose Weight While Gaining Muscle.

Can you lose weight and gain muscle at the same time?

Here’s my own story:

I started out in January 2008 at 240 pounds and 40% bodyfat. When you do the math that’s 96 pounds of fat and 144 pounds of lean body mass.

By August 2010 I was down to 180 pounds and 12% bodyfat. That calculates to 21.6 pounds of fat and 158.4 pounds of lean body mass.

I gained over 14 pounds of muscle and lost over 74 pounds of fat. A net loss of 60 pounds. That’s how to Lose Weight & Gain Muscle.

If I can do it, so can you.

Here’s a photo of me at 12% bodyfat showing my climbing muscles – the back.

And I didn’t even get serious until January of 2010

Going into January of 2010 I was still at 205 pounds. I had no real goals or inspiration other than climbing big mountains around the world. I climbed Kilimanjaro on January 1 2010 and atop the Roof of Africa I finally got the inspiration that formed the basis of my future training goals. In 8 months of very hard work I lost that last 25 pounds of weight. Way more than that was fat, because I packed on muscle. I surprised myself.

You want to do that too, right?

Just after completing my 5K PR on the BST
2013 – Just after completing my 5K PR – Compare Faces with the “Before Pic” Below!

Let’s talk about you now. What’s stopping you from getting that body of your dreams? Sure you want to lose weight and gain muscle, and you’re willing to work hard at it. I know you have what it takes or you wouldn’t be here, now, reading this.

I’m sure that you need a fresh perspective, a new way of seeing your training, your goals, your diet, your achievements. With a new approach you can get past your sticking points and make them all history.

You can achieve your dream body starting now.

Fat Pants fit January 2010
Banned on Facebook! Not allowed to use this photo in an ad

I’d like to share my athletic trainer background with you now.

In the last three years I’ve

  • written hundreds of articles on training and nutrition
  • posted scores of videos demonstrating workouts
  • consulted dozens of fitness enthusiasts
  • coached a handful of elite athletes
  • attended a handful of training workshops and seminars
  • written and published books about mountaineering, diet and weight training
  • trained and tested all of my theories about training and eating

I want to share them with a select audience, so take advantage of this offer now.

My Lose Weight Gain Muscle Newsletter is where I’ll share my secrets with you FREE.

Once a week I’ll send out an email to all my subscribers with 7 tips.

You Get One “Lose Weight Gain Muscle” Tip Per Day

 Every week I’ll share 7 tips about

  • Diet
  • Weight Training
  • Cardio Training
  • Motivation
  • Goal Achievement
  • Training and Nutrition Journaling
  • Lifestyle Balance

You will make faster, better progress using the information in this Free Lose Weight Gain Muscle Newsletter.

First issue heading out on April 25th! You must subscribe now if you want it.

Me, 240 pounds, January 2008. Talk about Lose Weight Gain Muscle
Me, 240 pounds, January 2008. Talk about Lose Weight Gain Muscle…

I wish I’d had this information available to me when I first began my transformation journey in 2008. It took me almost two years to figure it all out before I could make it work. I would have accelerated my progress and achieved so much more in so much less time.

Don’t make the same mistake

I know that if even one tip per month is helpful to you that you will rock it in the gym and get the body that only losing weight while gaining muscle can give you. You have nothing to lose but fat when you subscribe to the newsletter. It’s free to a select group – those who are willing to put in the hard work and dedication that a complete body transformation requires.

Do you have what it takes?

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  • Terry Kendig

    At onetime I was very athletic and at 58 now I need that desire.. I work for Fedex as courier but get wrong exercise. I have all workout programs but need coaching. I have a very nice treadmill and weight bench in garage..but motivation is my problem. I know I can do this..but a little coaching will get me going. Oh ..my 4O YR reunion is this year in September I would love to be fit. I was the Star football player..Quarterback ..I weigh 250 and my goal is 190lbs. Need help to live my dream out thats getting fit….thanks for your help.