• Motivation

    Hobbies, Trolls, and Goals

    I use my Facebook Page to comment at Active.com on some of the really interesting articles there. Sometimes agree, sometimes disagree, sometimes pointing out a simple addition or omission – nothing really serious mind you. Mostly this puts the article on my Facebook Page, so those subscribing (by Liking) my page can view some info I feel might be relevant to their training or goals. Now and then, I get some replies, and sometimes it’s from the author thanking me for commenting, liking the article, or whatnot. Now and then it’s one of my Facebook family, showing support for “what I said”. And now and then, it’s some oddball hobbyist…

  • Review

    Polar Personal Trainer Website

    I’ve used the Polar FT60 in the past, and currently use the FT80. The software that comes with them tracks your stats at PolarPersonalTrainer.com – which I’ve been using for tracking my indoor non-GPS workouts for a few years. To be totally honest, both watches have all kinds of features I’ve never used, and probably never will. I’m really a simple person when it comes to tracking indoor workouts. I don’t set targets and goals, don’t want to hear beeps and tones for when I should start my next weight training set, don’t want to know if I should roll over and go back to sleep or work easy, moderate,…

  • Training Log

    Training Log Example – Weekly Blog Log

    The below is an example of a training log taken from a Blogger Blog I share with my wife to track our daily workouts, eating, and goals. I use a little shorthand, since I’ve been doing this for years. Each day immediately after each exercise I write what I do on a small whiteboard I got from Target for $1 in those little bargain aisles just inside the door. I can usually get 2-3 days to a board if I’m doing weights, or 5 to a board if I’m doing just cardio. Right now I’m in full-on training mode for Elbrus Race 2012 (still not locked in, so not totally…

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  • Motivation

    Sitting is Killing You [infographic]

    I was looking for information on a report I heard about a few months ago claiming statistically significant impact on mortality rates for simply “sitting” at a desk and ran into this cool infographic: I do a lot of sitting as part of my job as a computer geek, and as a writer and blogger, so that sounds a little scary. I can set up my home desk to be a stand-up unit, and a lot of video editors I’m aware of use a stand-up desk, since they’re on a PC like 16 hour days to finish a project. I also normally am up and down the stairs at work…

  • Nutrition

    Steamed Salmon and Green Beans

    I’m back to my hard training diet, so a couple times a week I’ll be eating steamed fish or poultry with veggies. I’m trying to see if I can get my bodyfat into the single digits as I train for Elbrus Race 2012. I need to make sure I burn fat an keep or increase my muscle mass. I am normally a near-vegetarian, but have found that in this phase I do better with a bit of meat tossed in. I do however generally not eat mammalian meat.