Sitting is Killing You [infographic]

I was looking for information on a report I heard about a few months ago claiming statistically significant impact on mortality rates for simply “sitting” at a desk and ran into this cool infographic:

I do a lot of sitting as part of my job as a computer geek, and as a writer and blogger, so that sounds a little scary. I can set up my home desk to be a stand-up unit, and a lot of video editors I’m aware of use a stand-up desk, since they’re on a PC like 16 hour days to finish a project.

I also normally am up and down the stairs at work about once every 45 minutes or so, for bathroom or eating breaks, or just to talk to my employees, or dig around in our gear closet. Hope that counts for something.

What do you think? Do you stand or sit? How much time do you spend in front of a monitor/keyboard?