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    Zwift FTP Test

    Okay, so after riding on Rouvy for a short while, decided to bail on it, since the technical hurdles to overcome during the brief free trial period were just insurmountable. So here I am on Zwift to compare their FTP Test results. Rouvy had me at 200 Watts, after a relatively painful test. Zwift so much more so. I’ll post more about this on https://www.sevensummitsbody.com/ if you want to read more about it. Powered by WPeMatico

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    Quandary Dec 15 2018 – Summit in the Windy

    Super windy, gusts over 40 mph, dressed at the bare minimum to pull it off. Read more at https://elbrusraceteam.blogspot.com/ and https://www.sevensummitsbody.com/ [ #skyrunning – training for Elbrus and a VK this year ] Powered by WPeMatico

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    Zwift Run Foot Pod – Opening Video

    Just posted this on Facebook at my Seven Summits Body Group as a live video. Opening the ZWIFT Run Pod for Zwift RUN. I have tried the Zwift Cycling and totally loved it. Tons of fun. Open the envelope, open the box, pull out the pod, check the quick instructions, insert the battery, and the rest later when I try to connect to Zwift Run. Now I will soon try Zwift Run in the next couple of days to see what it’s all about. Here are a couple pics from the unboxing: Here are a couple of pics from Zwift Cycling: Powered by WPeMatico

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    Icy Spikes Running in the Dark

    Had to wear my Kahtoola Microspikes this morning. There was a little bit of snow that started last evening at about 35F and transitioned into a freezing slick surface as the temperature descended with the sun. Check out the pic with my spikes and the frosted sheet of thin ice below. I ran on the recpath as it circled the Cedar Hills Golf Course hill section. It’s a common route for those living within a mile or so. It’s a bit dark back down by the creek and ponds. I love the sounds of the creek rolling over the rocks. Every now and then you see the glowing eyes of…

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    Thinking Ahead – Quandary December 15

    I have been planning a trip to Colorado in mid-December for a little while now. It’s to celebrate an event with a close relative. While I’m there I hope to get a climb of Quandary in. I was hoping to make another climb back at the end of November, but the weather, road conditions, and a transportation issue meant that I could not. As is typical, I’ve been monitoring the weather on Quandary, and here is a report from one of my favorite sources…¬†https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Quandary-Peak/forecasts/4348 The top image is from the summit, and the bottom image is for about where the bridge is near the “closed for restoration” sign. So not…

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    Morning Road Running – Beginning Groove

    After my amazing fun adventure running up and down both Tiger and Cougar Mountains near Seattle Washington, I had to make some decisions. The weather was awesome. Forties and raining. The trails were wet and smooth. I loved it. I managed to get in about seven or so miles each of the three days I had there. That’s about the most sequential running I’ve done in quite a while. I had some really good paces on the flats, uphill, and downhill. It was inspiring. But then I had to suffer from the backlash of that. Recovery sucked.¬† With my goal of doing a VK this coming year, and possibly Elbrus,…

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