Month: October 2020

Runcline App First Test with Stryd Footpod and Zwift Running

Due to unsolvable issues connecting my Stryd footpod to Zwift Running to my Win10 PC via ANT+ I decided to try the Runcline App in my iPad. Runcline acts as a Bluetooth Bridge between the footpod and Zwift. Sadly that requires me to use another Bridge – in this case the Zwift Companion App on my Android phone. Whew! What a mess. But that at least allows me to gather up the full range of Stryd statistics, such as ground contact time, etc. that are normally missing from Zwift exports. It also allows me to gather incline/elevation gain data that are very important to my training. So I installed it, jumped through a few hoops, endured a few back-and-forth pair/re-pair issues and finally got the stats I wanted. I verified it in Training Peaks, and while there are still a few things to mess with and sort out, I think it will work. For now…

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Japanese Skyrunning Event Completed in 2020?

Amazing. Simply amazing. Wish I were there. When they canceled the Broken Arrow this past summer (for “reasons”) I was nearly devastated. Totally lost a lot of my drive and motivation. Previous to that I was on my training program, starting to become the best me possible and shooting for an Age Group placement, which I would have had in 2019 if I were a week older. Anyway, here’s a link to the story, courtesy of our really good buds over at the big FB:


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