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    Rut Training Run – tapering was an option?

    Tapering? I normally don’t taper well. I experimented with it off and on over the years. Right now I’m watching my stats in both Training Peaks and the Stryd Power Center so I can see where I’m at in readiness to race. I experimented with tapering for the Broken Arrow VK and I think I was a little flat for that one. Could I have finished 10 minutes faster? I don’t think so with the technical terrain, especially the snow. Scenery at the start of the Broken Arrow VK in Squaw Valley This week I’m experimenting with tapering for the Rut Training Run. I’m pushing my stats for three runs…

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    Rut Training Run – only a handful of days to go

    Again, like the foolish child I am, I registered for the Rut Training Run 10.5 mile course. It starts with the VK, and gives me an opportunity to pre-run it with a group of fun runners in a non-competitive environment. My recent PR on Baldy South Ridge Wildlife? Horned Toad on Baldy summit From their most recent email: What to Expect at Aid Stations: We will have water, Skratch Labs Drink Mix and a salty and sweet option for you at both aid stations. Note that there will NOT be gels at our Training Runs or Race aid stations this year. We believe Skratch Labs makes some of the best nutrition…

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    Rut Training Run – the week before

    The Rut is doing a training run July 13 for their 28k and 50k. Interestingly they are supposed to climb the VK route, which is on neither of the routes. Then it forks for each of the routes for 10.5 or 15 miles. Since it’s a great opportunity to do the VK as a pre-run I opted for the 10.5 mile, which is totally doable as a run/walk. Here are some details from the event: Training Runs Schedule:7:00-7:55 am: Runner Check-in Big Sky Resort Base Area Huntley Dining Room at Base of Explorer Lift. See MAP.8:00 am: Start Training Runs8:00-1:00 pm: Runs in progress (1 pm cut off for all…