• Nutrition

    Healthier Chocolate Yogurt

    Now with Raspberry Protein Yogurt Recipe Below Sadly, the yogurt you buy in the store is mostly some form of sugar, sometimes a lot of fat, and pretty processed. If you look at the nutrition information, it’s really just a snack, probably a bit healthier than a candy bar, but if you want the most bang for your caloric “buck” so to speak, you can do better. My favorite recipe for a high protein low fat low sugar “snack” with probiotics is: 6-8 oz fat-free plain yogurt 1 scoop/serving dry protein shake mix powder stir well and chow down I prefer BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder because it mixes quite well…

  • Nutrition

    Green and Healthy Living Tip

    People often ask me about healthy eating, and I mention several different options. Sometimes people balk about the expense, or time, or inconvenience. It’s hard to find a way to explain to them that it’s actually way less expensive, way more convenient, and way more green than their normal eating patterns. Last time I was driving home from skating at the rink and encountered the usual Provo/Orem lunch rush traffic, it hit me. like a brick in the face. These people were all sitting in traffic, spending their lunch hours idling at stop lights, heading to some fast food destination, to grab lunch, and hurry back to their office, most…

  • Review

    Ultimate Upper Body Cardio Training

    Concept2 SkiErg Training The moment I saw a clip of this in action, I knew this would be the most awesome training for low-angle ice, or glacier climbing ever. I think it was originally intended for cross country ski training, and having done some XC skiing way back in the day, I can see the benefit already. I am using poles for a lot of my vertical hiking – another perfect training application. I ordered the wall-mount model direct from Concept2, and got the PM4 monitor (the higher end of the two monitors available). It took about a week to arrive. After hauling it down to my basement, it really…

  • Motivation

    My Fat Headshot from 2005

    Was digging around and found this from August 2005 on the trail of Castle Peak, a Fourteener in Colorado. I’m obviously very fat here, though this is not my maximum weight. As I recall this is around 220 lb. In December of 2006 I peaked at 235 lb. I’ve been approximately 185 lb since June of 2010. Not bad. Pretty fun comparing this to what I look like today. Hard work, training, proper nutrition, discipline. When I became a mountaineer these are the things that came along with it and made me what I am today.