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    Ice Climbing Training 6 Week Preparation

    Ice Climbing Training? It is indeed that time of year. So let’s get this show on the road. I promised a few weeks ago to post my current ice climbing training program. I know from previous years that six weeks of good hard work set you up for a much more successful and fulfilling season out on the ice. Ice climbing training is way worth a little bit of effort for about 6 weeks, or more if you have it. I think if you get into a late season, or are mainly going to Ouray, this program could be done for eight or more weeks and work great. Ice Climbing…

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    Treadmill Training for Hills

    Why would anyone consider treadmill training for hills? Here are some of my favorite reasons: Recovery from injury Meeting specific goals Controlled environment Weather Time Local terrain Let me take a few minutes to examine each of these reasons or excuses for treadmill training for hills. First of all is recovery from injury. I myself am currently in this group. About a month ago I went for a hike with some 18-20 year old guys I know, and we ascended Mount Royal in Frisco CO. It was fun, but then they all decided to run down and I, like an old man in denial, decided to keep up with them.…