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    Heat Molding Salomon Spikecross Winter Running Shoes

    Disclaimer: this is something you are probably not supposed to do. It will void any warranty you might believe you have. Be very very cautious and if you mess up, I did warn you. My Salomon Spikecross winter running shoes have been a staple in my winter running on Colorado Fourteeners for several years now. Over the years they’ve become tighter and tighter due to my aging feet becoming longer and wider with all the miles I’ve put on. Instead of throwing them away, here’s an experiment to heat mold them. Heat Molding the Salomon Spikecross Video Tutorial My wife molds her Edea Ice skates frequently. I’ve molded intuition liners,…

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    Spiked Running Shoes: Hoka One One Stinson EVO

    Spiked running shoes are essential gear for the Winter runner. I had a pair of Hoke One One Stinson EVO with about 300 miles of trail use on them and I thought that I would be able to extend their life by spiking them. I also have a pair of Mafate WP that I’ve turned into spiked running shoes ARTICLE HERE. I do a lot of trail running outside in the Winter. Up here in Summit County Colorado that’s sometimes about 6 months, give or take a little. It’s great training for moving fast on glaciers and it helps you build up resistance to the cold. The coldest I’ve been…

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    Spike and Run My Hoka One One Mafate WP

    Spiking the Mafate WP So I decided to spike my Hoka One One Mafate WP. First of all I posted on their Facebook wall, asking if it would be okay, since I have no clue what the internal structure is, and I didn’t want to run into any air pockets. They replied quickly and said it would be fine. I went to a few stores trying to find #6 x 3/8 hex head sheet metal screws. Finally at the Ace Hardware in Silverthorne, CO, I found a box and got it. I charged up my drill and went to work. First you clean and mark the sole. You want to…

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