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    Training For Goals – Free Webinar

    Like I promised, the Training for Goals Free Webinar came out of the Broken Training Survey HERE¬†and this is one of my favorite topics. In about 20:00 (20 minutes) I break down several goal strategies with some examples from training logs and journals. Please listen and be sure to take some notes. Go HERE to leave feedback please. Every message from you means a lot to me. Thanks! Up Next Also from the “What’s Broken in Your Training Survey” is “Finding Time for Training” – I’ll announce the time tomorrow, but right now it looks like a half hour during an evening early next week. Be sure to subscribe to…

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    What’s Broken in Your Training – Survey Results

    It’s up! I went through the survey responses, compiled them into a spreadsheet, sorted them, and then added it all up. Here for you now is the video I made to reveal the responses and give you a few hints about upcoming webinars and articles, just for you. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axaJEyHE2As Be sure to subscribe [HERE] if you have not already done so! TRANSCRIPT NOW AVAILABLE:¬†Broken Training Survey Results Remember that right now my Webinar Host only allows me 25 attendees per session so be sure to sign up before they are full. You can only attend by registering at the link I share when I announce each one. Thanks! Hope you…

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