Hello, I’m Charles Miske. I began the Seven Summits Quest in my youth by reading the Dick Bass account of the Seven Summits. I kept it as a childhood fantasy, but it has evolved into an adult fantasy. After raising a number of families and detouring through a few career paths, I suddenly found myself a fat old out-of-shape man.

self-portrait at Kahiltna Pass
Kahiltna Pass – Denali – Alaska

In the past, I’d been a bicycle commuter who pedaled 14 miles each way to work 4 days a week year-round. I had an ISSA personal trainer certification HERE. I did quite a bit of hiking and canoeing. But thanks to the wonders of the internet and the high-tech world that evolved from it, there I was, bigger than ever.

Cross Training as a Family on my Seven Summits quest
Cross Training for me is cycling with my family

My wife awesomely suggested I pursue my desire to climb. I learned to climb ice, then rock. I did some glacier training, and discovered I was more out of shape than I thought. I needed some far-off goal. Taking a cue from Brian Tracy, I pondered the question

“what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

My Seven Summits Training Begins

My most heart-felt answer involved the Seven Summits, and with a gentle (or not) nudge from my wife, that became my goal. I started training very hard and changed my diet quite a bit. I eventually lost over 60 pounds (from 245 to 180 lb).

Body Composition Training for the Seven Summits
12% Bodyfat March 2012

It’s been a very difficult road. I have Kilimanjaro and Carstensz, of the Seven Summits completed. I have Kilimanjaro and Orizaba of the Volcanic Seven Summits completed. On this journey I’ve had a lot of fun, learned a lot about myself, and became much more fit and healthy. I learned a lot about training and working out and exercises, as well as how an old guy like me can accomplish dreams. Dozens of friends and hundreds of internet acquaintances have asked me about training and my own personal eating habits, and this blog is one of my response.

I hope you enjoy my sharing some of these ideas and suggestions with you.

Charles Miske at Elbrus Race in Russia September 2010
#24 – Elbrus Race, Russia – Sept. 2010
Todd Gilles and I at Elbrus Race 2013. I coached him to 3rd place and took 5th place for myself.
Todd Gilles and I at Elbrus Race 2013. I coached him to 3rd place and took 5th place for myself.