Training Programs

Training Programs like Couch to Colorado 14er help you achieve your goals
Training Programs like Couch to Colorado 14er help you achieve your goals

Training Programs are designed to help you make plans and decisions when working out. Most people really just mess around in the gym and don’t really understand how to set up their own training programs. It’s like going on a trip. If you have a map and directions the odds of arriving at your destination are much greater. Since I began working out in the early 80’s, got my personal training certificate in the 90’s, and regained my fitness in this last decade, I have learned a lot about how to train, and how to achieve goals.

Training Programs For You:

I have begun offering the first of my published training progams – Couch to Colorado 14er. I wrote a first draft last year and offered it free to download and review and comment. It was downloaded over a hundred times and I compiled all of the comments and suggestions to improve it. It’s not just a short ebook, but is a complete program. For more information, check out:

Training Programs: Couch to Colorado 14er – CLICK HERE

I have several others in the works, so subscribe to this blog for updates and offers for free sample chapters from my works in progress.

Training Programs: Assistance:

If you need some help with sticking to your training programs, I can help you. If you need some help in setting goals, I can help you. If you need to adjust or modify your program and need some help, I can help you. I offer Skype or Hangout consultations. I offer email and chat accountability partnering. I offer goal setting assistance. If you’re in need of my help, get in touch and we can work together to help you fulfill your dreams.

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