• Elbrus Race

    Thinking of Quandary This Month

    I’ve been chatting with my wife about my goals and plans for the coming year. One is to finally finish up Elbrus, Race or not. In discussing my plans in regards to finishing Elbrus, we thought that perhaps I should try to get in a once-a-month climb of Quandary, regardless of weather. Elbrus has atrocious weather you know. Cold and windy is the norm most summit days it seems. It’s only the non-summit days that you get beautiful blue skies. Since I was able to acclimatize so well for Orizaba in 2013, in spite of living here in Utah at the time, we considered that I could actually just test…

  • cycling

    Evolution of a Cyclist

    Chain Reaction Cycles posted this on Facebook recently, and I realized just how very true this is. Evolution of a #cyclist #cycling #stravacycling #wahoofitness #kickrcore pic.twitter.com/e8FPmkZG70 — Charles Miske (@tripeakprod) November 20, 2018 Powered by WPeMatico