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Under Armour Eyewear – Capture Sunglasses

These sweet sunglasses from UA have become my go-to eyewear for nearly all conditions in the outdoors. Here is a link to a video I put up on YouTube

  Box Opening UnderArmour Capture Shiny Black Blue Storm Polarized Sunglasses

Showing off my UA Capture Sunglasses – see that blue reflection?

I took these out just a couple days after I shot the box opening video linked above, and fell in love with them rather quickly. I have usually used a couple of other brands for when I’m outside in my contacts, but haven’t used anything except these now since I opened that box. They’re really that good. I’ll share more with you in the coming weeks.

If you want to read more about them, here is a link to check them out on Amazon below.

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Saxx Underwear Vibe Review

I tested a pair of the Saxx Vibe at the St. George City Half Marathon, and received a pair of the Kinetic and Subzero to try. From the Saxx website: “Developed by an athlete and avid outdoorsman, SAXX Underwear was founded with a mission to revolutionize the core staple of every wardrobe.” I really enjoyed the Vibe, even with the comfort fit it was the perfect underwear for beneath my tights in the 35F day for the Half Marathon. Here are closeup views of the mesh support panels and the boxes for the Kinetic and Subzero. I’ll be testing them soon, so stay in the loop.


I love the comfort fit that also provides just the right amount of support. The fabric of the Vibe is smooth and non-binding. It fit well beneath my Brooks tights and Asics short tights that I normally wear in daily training. The gondola print is of course a plus. You have to love wearing undies with gondolas on them.

Saxx Vibe (gondola print) and Saxx tights in the wrappers from the ORShow in Salt Lake City
Saxx Vibe (gondola print) and Saxx tights in the wrappers from the ORShow in Salt Lake City

In a later video I’ll be opening the boxes below, the Kinetic sports performance underwear and the Subzero, outside harsh environment underwear and reviewing them as well. By the way, don’t expect me to model these for you…

Saxx Kinetic and Subzero Athletic Underwear arrived for testing
Saxx Kinetic and Subzero Athletic Underwear arrived for testing

In an upcoming review I’ll be sharing info on the tights. They’re a thin tight, and it’s a bit cold out to wear them here in Utah, being around 10-20 degrees most days I train outside right now. I’ve worn them in my garage cardio room and I’ll report on that later.

In the meantime, please believe me when I tell you these truly are the best underwear I’ve ever worn for outdoor running. Read more about the Vibe at Amazon HERE

Feetures Max Cushion Elite No-Show Tab Running Sock Pre-Review

View Feetures Ultra Thin Elite on Amazon HERE

I normally prefer a slightly taller sock, more like the traditional cycling height ankle, but when I saw the max cushion elite at the OR Show in January 2016 I decided to give them a try. I’m so glad I did. They fit into my running shoes just like my old dead worn out pair of the slightly thick socks I normally wear and provided all the cushioning and support I need.

I liked them so much I wore them at the St. George City Half Marathon just a week after the OR Show. You know it’s a bad idea to try anything new the week before a race, right? I was really confident it would work out okay, so I did the race in my Feetures Max Cushion Elite socks and I did great. No problems at all.

Feetures Max Cushion Elite No-Show Tab Running Sock Preview



If you normally like a very thin tabbed running sock, the link at the top of the page gives you some information. If you prefer the thicker sock you’ll have to wait a little. It’s worth the wait though.

Feetures Max Cushion Elite at the finish of the St. George City Half Marathon
Feetures Max Cushion Elite at the finish of the St. George City Half Marathon

My Backstory on Feetures

My wife was at a Utah Run, a running store in American Fork, and decided to try on a pair of shoes. She was wearing Birkies, so had no socks on, and dug a pair out of their  sock bin. She decided she liked the socks so well that she bought a pair. She liked those so well that the kids decided to buy her a few pair of Feetures Ultra Thin Elite for Christmas. I mentioned this to the folks at Feetures at the OR Show and they were thrilled. I told them I prefer a much thicker sock though, and they told me I’d love this. They were correct.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Unboxing

See on Amazon HERE

The SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR is a huge step above the Ambit2 S. This watch has Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to use a wide variety of pods and sensors, such as the Wahoo Blue SC bike pod HERE. You can also connect to the mobile app from Movescount, which was a main selling point for me to lust after this watch. I received it as a Christmas gift and eagerly opened the box and started the setup.

Since I already have a Movescount account it was really simple to connect and begin editing the settings for the various built-in training modes. This watch also allows for swimming modes, since the Bluetooth heart rate sending unit can store data while under water and sync with the watch when out of the water.

I especially appreciate that I can now travel with the watch. The memory can store up to about 30 hours of training data, plenty of storage for most “normal” users, but with a mountaineering expedition that can fill up rather quickly. By syncing to the phone, you can offload data to the mobile app and not have to worry about the data rolling over and deleting older data to store new data.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Sapphire Blue Watch Unboxing


If you’re in the market for a great watch with a variety of features that most of you in training for extreme athletic events will find appealing and useful, the Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR is a great watch and well worth it.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Blue on my right wrist at the St. George City Half Marathon, my qualifier for the Pikes Ascent
Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Blue on my right wrist at the St. George City Half Marathon, my qualifier for the Pikes Ascent

This particular model is a special edition color that might be a bit outlandish to some, but I enjoy it. It goes well with most of my already outlandish colors that I wear while training on the roads running and cycling, and trail running in the mountains.

Stay tuned for a video coming up about connectivity and syncing.

Wahoo Blue SC Bicycle Speed Cadence Pod Unboxing

The Bluetooth/Ant+ Bike Speed and Cadence Pod from Wahoo, to connect with Garmin, Suunto and other apps to measure the speed and cadence wirelessly from your bicycle while indoors on the trainer or outdoors on the road. More info at AMAZON

If you want to connect your bicycle to a wireless app or watch, this is an excellent value for a compact bike mounted sensor that uses both Bluetooth 4 and ANT+ so it works with Android and Apple as well as Garmin and Suunto watches, and perhaps other brands as well.

Wahoo Blue SC Bicycle Speed Cadence Sensor Unboxing Video


If you’re unfamiliar with how to mount, how to adjust, how to pair with your app or device, please download the instructions from Wahoo and stay tuned for an upcoming video to help you do just that.

Wahoo Blue SC Bluetooth 4 ANT+ Bicycle Speed and Cadence Sensor for Android, Apple, Suunto and Garmin
Wahoo Blue SC Bluetooth 4 ANT+ Bicycle Speed and Cadence Sensor for Android, Apple, Suunto and Garmin

Coming Soon

There were no instructions in the box, but it turned out pretty simple to install on my son’s road bike and it works fine on his trainer and on the road, so I’ve decided to get one for my commuter bike to pair with my Suunto Ambit3 Peak.

If you’re training for road cycling, mountain biking, or even just a numbers freak like me, you’ll need to keep track of all your stats and a combined sensor like this saves space on the frame while having only one battery to change. If your watch uses ANT+ like older Garmin and SUUNTO watches, this is an excellent choice. If you are using a phone app or a newer watch, the Bluetooth 4 is a great option.

Either way, in testing it was fairly simple to adjust and pair. I highly recommend this.

Stay in the loop for more…

Icebug Insoles Unboxing

I recently returned from the 2016 Winter Market, the ORShow in Salt Lake City. While there I got the opportunity to check out and test a pair of the ICEBUG Slim/Medium Insoles with Arch Flex System® Technology. Check them out on AMAZON.  Running shoe insoles with energy return zones improvement over stock insoles.

I replaced the stock insoles in my Pearl Izumi Road N2 running shoes, which are neutral cushioning running shoes with moderately thick insoles. After this video I had the opportunity to wear them for my walk to work from the train station and back and all day in the office and I have to admit they felt really good. My feet felt fresher after a day at the office than they usually do.

What are you looking for in running shoe insoles?

Icebug Insoles with Arch Flex System® Technology come in different thicknesses and support levels. I selected Slim Medium because I don’t really need any support, but don’t have flat feet and intend on wearing them in running shoes.

I could feel the triangular bubble in the middle of my instep flex and press back with each step. At first my foot was curious about it, like your tongue searching for a tiny seed, but after a while I forgot about it and just enjoyed the sensation of the floor pressing back. Did it help blood flow or anything?

Hard to say, but like I did say above, my feet felt a lot better after a day at work, and that’s got to mean something.

Running Shoe Insole by Icebug Video Unboxing


I ran my half marathon and now I’m free to mess around, experiment, and do something different, so I’ll get back to you here in a few weeks with my impressions on how these babies work and if I feel that same energy return on the fly.

ICEBUG Slim/Medium Insoles with Arch Flex System Technology
ICEBUG Slim/Medium Insoles with Arch Flex System Technology