Icebug Insoles Unboxing

I recently returned from the 2016 Winter Market, the ORShow in Salt Lake City. While there I got the opportunity to check out and test a pair of the ICEBUG Slim/Medium Insoles with Arch Flex System® Technology. Check them out on AMAZON.  Running shoe insoles with energy return zones improvement over stock insoles.

I replaced the stock insoles in my Pearl Izumi Road N2 running shoes, which are neutral cushioning running shoes with moderately thick insoles. After this video I had the opportunity to wear them for my walk to work from the train station and back and all day in the office and I have to admit they felt really good. My feet felt fresher after a day at the office than they usually do.

What are you looking for in running shoe insoles?

Icebug Insoles with Arch Flex System® Technology come in different thicknesses and support levels. I selected Slim Medium because I don’t really need any support, but don’t have flat feet and intend on wearing them in running shoes.

I could feel the triangular bubble in the middle of my instep flex and press back with each step. At first my foot was curious about it, like your tongue searching for a tiny seed, but after a while I forgot about it and just enjoyed the sensation of the floor pressing back. Did it help blood flow or anything?

Hard to say, but like I did say above, my feet felt a lot better after a day at work, and that’s got to mean something.

Running Shoe Insole by Icebug Video Unboxing

I ran my half marathon and now I’m free to mess around, experiment, and do something different, so I’ll get back to you here in a few weeks with my impressions on how these babies work and if I feel that same energy return on the fly.

ICEBUG Slim/Medium Insoles with Arch Flex System Technology
ICEBUG Slim/Medium Insoles with Arch Flex System Technology