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    Vertical K Training: Video on the hill

    Training along the flanks of Mount Mahogany outside Pleasant Grove UT. This is a branch of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with a fork up a Strava Segment titled “Green Monster” which I hadn’t been able to find. This time there was no question and I scurried up to the fork where the segment ended. Logically since it was a T intersection to a relatively flat trail. There were grades of 40% plus on this one. I have a relatively new pair of Altra Running Mens Olympus 1.5 which I’ve been breaking in. First thoughts? The medial support is a little much. The toe rocker was disturbing in the store but…

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    Skyrunning Quandary Fourteener Results

    I managed to get my PR on the summer route of 14,265′ Quandary, a Colorado Fourteener. Here’s a short video I took that day for you to see what it’s like. At the beginning I share a brief teaser about another project I just started. At the end is a link for you to subscribe here for the newsletter. This will qualify you for a super sweet freebie I have planned to release shortly. Besides, I have a slew of great training tips to share with you that I know will help you achieve your goals faster and simpler. Check it out. Video report on my Quandary PR’s last Saturday.…

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    Barefoot Treadmill Exercise – Transition to Low Drop Shoes

    Barefoot Treadmill Usage If you’ve been reading articles like THIS ONE you’d be afraid of trying to transition to a low drop shoe. You might want to switch to a maximalist shoe. You might want to start using a minimalist shoe. One thing they tend to have in common is a low drop. That’s when the heel is 0 to 6 MM or so above the toe, standing flat with your weight on the midfoot. Some variance exists in that number, but it’s a safe zone, since some traditional running shoes have drops in the 14 MM range. Now that I’ve made the transition to shoes in the low drop zone…

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    Can Maximalist Shoes Cure Your Plantar Fasciitis?

    An article HERE explores “Can Maximalist Shoes Cure Your Plantar Fasciitis?” I have worn Hoka One One maximalist shoes for several years. I started with winter after Elbrus Race 2010. That was winter 2010-2011. Previous to that Asics and Mizuno shoes worked well for me. I thought I was a supinator since most of the time my foot rolled to the outside. I had a running coach analyze my form and he said I was neutral with late-stage pronation. He suggested a neutral cushion shoe. Maximalist Shoes I’ve Used Hoka Mafate WP Hoka Bondi.B Hoka Stinson Hoka Stinson EVO Hoka Stinson Tarmac I underlined the maximalist shoes I’ve especially loved over…

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    Running in Foot Deep Powder

    Today was a great day for a trail run. I went trailrunning this morning at -1F (according to the weather channel). Accuweather had it at -13. I went out on the deck and it felt more like the weather channel had it at -1F so I dressed for that. It was snowing pretty hard and there was at least 8″ of new snow on the ground. I wore a minimum of clothing, in spite of the cold. It’s better to be slightly cold and dry, rather than dressed really warmly but sweat too much. That sweat will chill you if the wind hits it. I wore my Pearl Izumi Trail…

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    Worldwide WordPress 5k (WWWP5K)

    WordPress announced that they’d like for all their blogging users and members to do a 5k run/walk/swim/bike by April 29. WHAT IT IS: A 5k run/walk (approximately 3.1 miles). You can run, walk, or skip. It’s up to you. There’s no time limit and there’s just one requirement: that you participate! You can do it inside or outside, on a treadmill or on a track, or even do a swim or a bike ride instead of running/walking – just get moving! — WordPress wwwp5k Last year I ran in the inaugural Aspen Backcountry Marathon, in Aspen Colorado, and it was a blast. Afterward I promised myself I would never run…