Worldwide WordPress 5k (WWWP5K)

WordPress announced that they’d like for all their blogging users and members to do a 5k run/walk/swim/bike by April 29.

WHAT IT IS: A 5k run/walk (approximately 3.1 miles). You can run, walk, or skip. It’s up to you. There’s no time limit and there’s just one requirement: that you participate! You can do it inside or outside, on a treadmill or on a track, or even do a swim or a bike ride instead of running/walking – just get moving! — WordPress wwwp5k

Aspen Backcountry Marathon Finish
Aspen Backcountry Marathon Finish

Last year I ran in the inaugural Aspen Backcountry Marathon, in Aspen Colorado, and it was a blast. Afterward I promised myself I would never run again. Alas, that wasn’t really true. Nearly four months ago I fell down the stairs and cracked two ribs, then a few weeks after that fell skating and pulled a groin muscle and sprained my ankle. I’ve just started running slowly again, and today I did my 5k run for WordPress. Here are my stats from ifitlive:

ifit stat for my 5k run this morning
Stats for my 5K this morning

I challenge everyone reading this to seriously consider doing your own 5k. Run/walk/bike/crawl/skate – whatever your thing is, get out and move.