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    Taper Purgatory 6 Days Out

    Of all the crazy things to do, with only a handful of days to go, I ended up with new shoes. I have been having trouble with my feet for a couple months now, from nearly-blistered hotspots to plantar fasciitis, to bleeding scrapes from the shoe itself. My Topo Athletic Ultraventure Pro (?) died a horrible death, and only about 100-ish miles into it. The plastic toe cap liner (protects from rocks) delaminated, and the edges curled under cutting my toes on the descent. I was going to wear them too. I took them in to where I bought them, Runners Corner in Orem, and the girl who ended up…

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    NiteRider TL 5.0 SL Tail Light

    Available on AMAZONĀ  The NiteRider TL 5.0 SL tail light. Long name, simple light. It’s got a few flashy settings to make sure you are visible to vehicles. I got it to replace my 20 year old tail light that finally disintegrated. Here it is, fresh out of the box. I’m going to use it first for running in the pre-dawn darkness on the highways and rec paths of Utah County. NiteRider TL 5.0 SL Tail Light Video Introduction  

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    Running in Foot Deep Powder

    Today was a great day for a trail run. I went trailrunning this morning at -1F (according to the weather channel). Accuweather had it at -13. I went out on the deck and it felt more like the weather channel had it at -1F so I dressed for that. It was snowing pretty hard and there was at least 8″ of new snow on the ground. I wore a minimum of clothing, in spite of the cold. It’s better to be slightly cold and dry, rather than dressed really warmly but sweat too much. That sweat will chill you if the wind hits it. I wore my Pearl Izumi Trail…

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    Treadmill Training for Hills

    Why would anyone consider treadmill training for hills? Here are some of my favorite reasons: Recovery from injury Meeting specific goals Controlled environment Weather Time Local terrain Let me take a few minutes to examine each of these reasons or excuses for treadmill training for hills. First of all is recovery from injury. I myself am currently in this group. About a month ago I went for a hike with some 18-20 year old guys I know, and we ascended Mount Royal in Frisco CO. It was fun, but then they all decided to run down and I, like an old man in denial, decided to keep up with them.…

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    Farmers Carry Workout

    Here’s the Farmers Carry Workout I’ve developed over the last few weeks. It’s good for my trail running and hiking and I’m sure it would be worth your while to watch the short video for my own variation on a Farmers Carry Workout, posted to my youtube channel. With this Farmers Carry Workout I’m doing the following: 25 Trapbar Deadlifts at 65 lb. 100 steps with Trapbar 100 Kicks – running high knee, high heel drill Walking back to the Trapbar and picking it up I did 12 repetitions of that sequence over a total of 1.5 miles. Over that distance I did 300 Trapbar Deadlifts. I did 1200 steps…

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    Steady State Cardio

    I was reading this article HERE on T-Nation “The Death of Steady State Cardio” by Rachel Cosgrove. A very long time ago, when I was an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer I attended a trainer workshop in Las Vegas that featured a session with Alwyn Cosgrove, Rachel’s husband. I don’t remember if she was there or not now. It was a very long time ago and I was very busy taking notes from Alwyn’s presentation on client mobility assessments. Anyway, like most of these “Steady State Cardio” articles it tries to convince us that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the ultimate and thus only option for training of any type…