Barefoot Treadmill Exercise – Transition to Low Drop Shoes

Barefoot Treadmill Usage

If you’ve been reading articles like THIS ONE you’d be afraid of trying to transition to a low drop shoe. You might want to switch to a maximalist shoe. You might want to start using a minimalist shoe. One thing they tend to have in common is a low drop.

That’s when the heel is 0 to 6 MM or so above the toe, standing flat with your weight on the midfoot. Some variance exists in that number, but it’s a safe zone, since some traditional running shoes have drops in the 14 MM range. Now that I’ve made the transition to shoes in the low drop zone I can’t imagine going back.

Barefoot Treadmill exercise in the comfort of your own bedroom
Barefoot Treadmill exercise in the comfort of your own bedroom

In the video below, from my Facebook Page HERE I demonstrate a simple way to get on the treadmill and start walking barefoot. Be sure to check out the short video and watch me follow these steps.

  1. Set the treadmill to 6% incline to help prevent heel striking
  2. Set the treadmill to .5 MPH
  3. If that works, go up to 1.0 MPH
  4. Walk gently in the mid to forefoot area
  5. Grip the treadmill belt with your splayed toes
  6. Roll off your toes and bring your heel up consciously to the rear
  7. Don’t go too fast too soon
  8. Do not actually run

If you follow all those tips, you’re sure to make good progress in strengthening the arch and toes of your foot. This is instrumental in making the transition to a low drop shoe.

Barefoot Treadmill for Plantar Fasciitis

Yes, in my PREVIOUS ARTICLE I mentioned that using a maximalist shoe helped me to heal my plantar fasciitis, but barefoot treadmill exercises as mentioned above were just as important. A strong plantar fasciitis will go a long way in preventing injury. I recommend that you make a conscious effort in gripping and pushing off with your toes at a slow speed and moderate incline.

Barefoot Treadmill Exercise Video

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Posted by Seven Summits Body on Saturday, March 28, 2015