Full Body Band Workout – New Training Manual

It’s finally live on Amazon, Full Body Band Workout and if you want to get the best deal, Friday and Saturday, April 17 and 18, it will be FREE. Yep, FREE.

If you have Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime, you can get it for free right now. In order for Prime to get it free, it has to be your monthly selection and borrowed from your Kindle itself. If you order it from the website you’ll get dinged. I know…

Full Body Band Workout - fast, simple, inexpensive tone, condition, endurance, strength
Full Body Band Workout – fast, simple, inexpensive tone, condition, endurance, strength

I’ll fill you in more on the details later, but here’s a quote for you, from the Preface:

The Full Body Band Workout is a way to get a complete full body workout with extremely limited equipment. This allows you to get many of the same benefits of weighted strength training and bodyweight only exercises while providing additional resistance.

Done correctly and with intent, it can be every bit as effective for toning, gaining muscle and strength as other types of working out and exercising. You can focus on making gains, maintaining gains, increasing strength or endurance, or even use it as a great 10 minute warmup for your other exercise programs, including cardio and strength training. That’s something worth trying for yourself to see if you get that positive warmed-up pumped feeling that leaves you stronger and with more endurance.

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