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Broken Arrow VK Course Updates for June 14

The Broken Arrow Sky Race organizers have posted on their Facebook:

VK drop bags will be available on top of Squaw Peak (at the finish line). It’s helpful to pack a warm layer here so you can hang out and cheer on the other finishers…. but please note that these bags have to be left at the registration tents no later than 830am! Remember … you’ll be cruising down to High Camp (another mile) from the top of the peak too.

I was curious about the descent, and that sort-of a little-bit answers it.

6/14/19 Course Update from Broken Arrow Skyrace on Vimeo.

And then a bit more on the ridge line conditions:

There are patches of dirt for sure and the entire Stairway to Heaven ridge line are dry ….
Remember that while there is a LOT of snow on the course it’s likely to be 80-degrees on race day. Essentially you’re feet will be on a winter surface while the rest of you will be experiencing summer.

So let’s see where I am in my training over the next few days. Remember that to me this is a “B RACE” which means it’s more important than a mere fitness-test race, which is coming up for me in July, but not as important as an “A RACE” which is my August event.

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