Treadmill Safety Tips

Treadmill Safety Tips Description

A recent high profile treadmill accident resulted in death. At the time of this writing, it’s unclear what exactly happened, and we might never know. In either case, it seems like a good time to share some of my own treadmill safety tips that I’ve developed from several years of riding one. I get in about 300 miles per year on a treadmill, in addition to the 1200 or so outside miles for my own training.

First of all, do not become distracted. If you are going to be reading or watching TV, please put it somewhere within peripheral vision of your feet and the belt. You should be able to see clearly where you are stepping in your peripheral vision. You also don’t want to be checking out the hotties or whatever else. Plan on not chatting, texting, or calling with your phone. If you’re using it for music, put it on the floor behind you with a playlist.

That brings me to the next of my treadmill safety tips. Wear Bluetooth headphones if you can. Don’t let your cords trail all over the place, possibly getting wrapped up in your feet, or around the handles of the treadmill.

Treadmill Safety Tips Video

Next, be sure you do not overcome, or circumvent the safety switch. There will assuredly be a quick release safety switch. It should attach to your belt or waist band at one end. On the other should be a magnet or sliding clip. If you fasten it to you on the one end, and the treadmill at the other, it will stop the belt quickly should you fall off the back. It shouldn’t allow you to stand on the rear roller.

Treadmill Safety Tips: Getting on and off

To get on and off, you should use the hand rails to support your weight fully and completely as you step on and off the belt. Watch the video for details, including slow motion. To get on, stand with your feet on the platform to either side of the belt. Be careful not to step on the belt or you could cause it to suddenly stop, throwing you off the back forcefully.

Raise yourself up with much of your weight supported on your hands on the rail. Step gently, already in motion, onto the belt. As your feet come up to speed and you feel confident that you are on track, lower your weight onto the feet. When your weight is fully on your feet, lift your hands off the rails into the walking or running position.

To get off the belt, reverse the process. Take your weight onto your hands on the rail and lift your center of gravity until your feet are barely taking any of your weight. Step one foot to the side of the belt on the platform. In the same step lift the other foot to beside the belt onto the platform.

Practice this at slow speeds first until you get the hang of it. Then you can progress slowly until you can do it quickly and immediately without conscious thought.

Treadmill Safety Tips Bonus

Do not do Tabata style treadmill training unless you’re an expert at all of the above. Even then, it’s quite dangerous to be hopping on and off a moving treadmill at maximum speeds in 20 second and 10 second interval bursts until fully fatigued. Do not do it. Please.

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