Big Fat Mountain – Kilimanjaro and Obesity

I ran into a listing on Kickstarter (a startup funding pool website) for Big Fat Mountain – a documentary by Kara Richardson Whitely about her journey past obesity by taking up hiking and eventually climbing Kilimanjaro (one of the Seven Summits Quest). I’ve done Kili, and it was a long hike, and I think it’s an awesome goal for someone trying to regain their youthful health and fitness.

She also wrote a book about her ongoing transformation – Fat Woman on the Mountain: How I Lost Half of Myself and Found Happiness

I haven’t read it yet, but think I’ll add it to my queue. This sounds like it could be a really cool story about how mountaineering and the Seven Summits Quest could be the best motivation some people need to truly transform not only their bodies, but their minds, hearts, and spirits.