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Food, Water, Emergency Gear for Hiking

I just put up a YouTube video based on my recent book:

Mountaineering Fitness: Beginner Training Manual

If you want more information on how to get the book or subscribe to the monthly training program [CLICK HERE] and let’s get training together for the mountain of your dreams.

This video shows some of my recommendations about 

  • Snacks
  • Water bottles
  • Purificup Water Purification [CLICK HERE]
  • Goal Zero Battery Pack [CLICK HERE]
  • First Aid
  • Headlamp
  • And More…

Check out the video and leave comments if you agree or disagree with any of my own recommendations and preferences. Thanks!


  • Training Program Subscription Offer ends June 27 2014.
  • Training Manual publishing August 2014

Training Hike – Half Dome via Cables Route

Sometimes a really good long (16 mile) hike in mountainous terrain with some good elevation gain and loss (5,600′) is excellent training for mountaineering. I wore my Polar RS800CX and got the data transferred to Google Earth, and generated this Elevation Profile:

Training Hike Half Dome Cables Elevation Profile of Ascent
Half Dome Cables Route Training Hike - Ascent Elevation Profile

I had a friend from California with to help me with logistics (permits, lodging, and transportation) and we hiked together. I’m normally alone in my pursuits, so it was a welcome change. We talked about maybe doing Rainier together sometime. It took 4:15 up, and we hung out on top for a while to enjoy the views, then 3:15 down, actually running off and on about half of the last mile. That felt good after 15 miles of hiking. This is excellent training for the Aspen Backcountry Marathon I’ll be doing in August.

Training Hike on Half Dome 3D Image Google Earth
Google Earth 3D Image of Training Hike on Half Dome

I’ve never been to Yosemite before, and it’s one of the best training/testing areas in the world for serious climbers, including Alpinists. Afterward, we spent a while at Glacier Point looking over the trail we’d just hiked, most of it visible, and the awesome exposed face. I fantasized about going back next year with one of my ropegun friends. Hmmmm …

If you want to read more, here’s a link to the article on my other blog: [ Half Dome Ascent via Cables Route ]

I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion of excellent training hikes you’ve done. If you have a blog article about it, put a link on my [ Facebook Page ] for all to share.

Big Fat Mountain – Kilimanjaro and Obesity

I ran into a listing on Kickstarter (a startup funding pool website) for Big Fat Mountain – a documentary by Kara Richardson Whitely about her journey past obesity by taking up hiking and eventually climbing Kilimanjaro (one of the Seven Summits Quest). I’ve done Kili, and it was a long hike, and I think it’s an awesome goal for someone trying to regain their youthful health and fitness.

She also wrote a book about her ongoing transformation – Fat Woman on the Mountain: How I Lost Half of Myself and Found Happiness

I haven’t read it yet, but think I’ll add it to my queue. This sounds like it could be a really cool story about how mountaineering and the Seven Summits Quest could be the best motivation some people need to truly transform not only their bodies, but their minds, hearts, and spirits.