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    Fat Loss with New Years Resolutions

    Got Fat Loss? Like much of the civilized world right now you want to know about fat loss. It’s the very edge of 2013. You are probably thinking up some new years resolutions. If you’re like most people, you also are making the wrong resolutions. Or your resolutions are poorly formed. Here are some ideas to help you make better resolutions. Resolution: 1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 2. A resolving to do something. 3. A course of action determined or decided on. The definition of “resolution” implies a firm determination and decision. Many people tend to think of it in black/white terms. Either/Or. Fat…

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    Hobbies, Trolls, and Goals

    I use my Facebook Page to comment at on some of the really interesting articles there. Sometimes agree, sometimes disagree, sometimes pointing out a simple addition or omission – nothing really serious mind you. Mostly this puts the article on my Facebook Page, so those subscribing (by Liking) my page can view some info I feel might be relevant to their training or goals. Now and then, I get some replies, and sometimes it’s from the author thanking me for commenting, liking the article, or whatnot. Now and then it’s one of my Facebook family, showing support for “what I said”. And now and then, it’s some oddball hobbyist…

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    Sitting is Killing You [infographic]

    I was looking for information on a report I heard about a few months ago claiming statistically significant impact on mortality rates for simply “sitting” at a desk and ran into this cool infographic: I do a lot of sitting as part of my job as a computer geek, and as a writer and blogger, so that sounds a little scary. I can set up my home desk to be a stand-up unit, and a lot of video editors I’m aware of use a stand-up desk, since they’re on a PC like 16 hour days to finish a project. I also normally am up and down the stairs at work…

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    Too exhausted to Repin on Pinterest

    I was chatting with my wife Angie this morning on FB Messenger. She’s been skating really hard, having just completed one competition and on the way to another, with the goal of working in a double jump and getting her axel solid. She was having some recovery issues, and she said: Angie: you know you are exhausted when you are too tired to hit REPIN on Pinterest It was so fun talking about her recovery, and the usual stretching, ibuprofen, rolling, hot bath, consuming a few more calories, a few more quality carbs, a few more aminos. I got the sudden inspiration: Me: that is so totally worth being a…

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    What Type of Climber are You?

    Not a typical bodybuilding post, but I was reading a funny article about climber psychotyping with a clever approach. I got a good chuckle at the list, and found this one particularly applicable: “Trainers ostensibly train in order to climb harder, but can lose sight of climbing and become obsessed with the cleansing act of self-mortification through extreme physical activity. This subtype is common amongst mountaineers and alpinists, as masochistic tendencies is integral to these types of climbing.” COUCH CRUSHERS TO WIDGETEERS: 10 CLIMBING PERSONALITY TYPES IDENTIFIED – The Stone Mind blog So yeah. That’s totally true. Some days I’m training away and look out the window at a particularly…

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    Big Fat Mountain – Kilimanjaro and Obesity

    I ran into a listing on Kickstarter (a startup funding pool website) for Big Fat Mountain – a documentary by Kara Richardson Whitely about her journey past obesity by taking up hiking and eventually climbing Kilimanjaro (one of the Seven Summits Quest). I’ve done Kili, and it was a long hike, and I think it’s an awesome goal for someone trying to regain their youthful health and fitness. She also wrote a book about her ongoing transformation – Fat Woman on the Mountain: How I Lost Half of Myself and Found Happiness I haven’t read it yet, but think I’ll add it to my queue. This sounds like it could…

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