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    To Glove or Not to Glove

    To Glove or Not to Glove? Post by Lose Weight Gain Muscle Newsletter. Please give me a hand here, and like and share this video with all your friends who lift and train. I would enjoy all comments. Thanks! So what’s the deal about gloves? Some powerlifters and bodybuilders, etc. believe that gloves protect the hands from getting callouses that are needed to protect them from the bar. If that’s true then you should never wear gloves, and instead should build up your callouses and earn them. Others believe that a normal person working a normal job who will never ever bench 400 pounds should just wear gloves and not…

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    Reverse Hyper Core Training

    Reverse Hyper is the name often given for the opposite of the Back Hyperextension. In the latter you stand in the foot pads with your heels held firmly in place. Then leaning the quads or the upper part of the front of your legs on pads you lean forward hinging at the hip toward the floor. You go down to approximately 45 to 60 degrees and then rise up to parallel or more above the ground. With the Reverse Hyper you can use the special bench shown. You place your chest and torso on the bench with your hips extended out over the edge. Then you grasp the handles and hold…

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    Food, Water, Emergency Gear for Hiking

    I just put up a YouTube video based on my recent book: Mountaineering Fitness: Beginner Training Manual If you want more information on how to get the book or subscribe to the monthly training program [CLICK HERE] and let’s get training together for the mountain of your dreams. This video shows some of my recommendations about  Snacks Water bottles Purificup Water Purification [CLICK HERE] Goal Zero Battery Pack [CLICK HERE] First Aid Headlamp And More… Check out the video and leave comments if you agree or disagree with any of my own recommendations and preferences. Thanks! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgxXbKQtgIU Training Program Subscription Offer ends June 27 2014. Training Manual publishing August 2014

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    Ice Climbing Training: Ice Tool Chinups

    Ice Climbing Training can involve many aspects of fitness. One that is often overlooked is Ice Tool Chinups. For me this is a power and strength exercise, not an endurance exercise. Any normal ice climber on any normal route shouldn’t have to do too many full chinups on their tools. I don’t see a lot of reason to work these as an endurance exercise. For Ice Climbing Training Endurance I’d prefer to do these assisted. That more accurately reflects the type of climbing you’d be doing. For this exercise I’ve used protocol for power improvement. I’m doing 5 to 8 sets of 3 reps from a full hang to an…

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    Video Collection: Training in Colorado

    I’ve been in Colorado most of the past month, and training for Elbrus Race has been my primary goal. I’ve had to adjust slowly to the training effect from being above 9,000′ for all of my training. That’s good for me. I hope. I’ve been doing strength training at the Breckenridge Recreation Center. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Charles Miske (@charlesmiske) I’ve been trail running, as in this clip from Keystone Gulch Road. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Charles Miske (@charlesmiske) Especially on steep trails, like Mount Royal overlooking Frisco, Colorado. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Charles Miske…

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    Core Week – Inverted Situp

    So you want a set of six-pack abs? Or at least a strong core, which is probably more meaningful for ice climbing and hauling around an 85 lb pack while dragging a 45 lb sled (standard fare in Alaska). I really like this exercise – the inverted situp. I do it a few different ways, but one of the easiest for me is on the Glute Ham Raise bench. If you go to a gym, there is probably some type of bench designed for inverted situps, or something you could improvise. At home you might be able to figure out how to use a deck or staircase, but don’t blame…