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    Reverse Hyper Core Training

    Reverse Hyper is the name often given for the opposite of the Back Hyperextension. In the latter you stand in the foot pads with your heels held firmly in place. Then leaning the quads or the upper part of the front of your legs on pads you lean forward hinging at the hip toward the floor. You go down to approximately 45 to 60 degrees and then rise up to parallel or more above the ground. With the Reverse Hyper you can use the special bench shown. You place your chest and torso on the bench with your hips extended out over the edge. Then you grasp the handles and hold…

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    Hanging Knee Raises

    Hanging Knee Raises are among my favorite core training exercises. I like to use the arm straps that connect to a power rack, or pull-up bar (or some other way to connect them). Slip your arms into the straps until your elbows poke out the end and if your shoulder and elbow mobility allow, reach up and gently hang onto the large snap rings (carabiners) that you use to connect them to the rod). From there lift yourself up with your lats and abs until you’re hanging straight down from the straps. For strict hanging knee raises you’ll need to avoid using momentum to accomplish the movement. Use your core…

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    Shoes, Boots and Socks for Hiking and Mountaineering

    I’d like to share my own recommendations for footwear for hiking, mountaineering and training from my current training program: Mountaineering Fitness: Beginner Training Manual If you’d like more info, please check out the page HERE to subscribe to the blog or the program. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFim2gFp-N4 If you’d like to subscribe now, you can do it below or from the CharlesMiske.com page linked above. It’s $30 for 16 weeks of training and includes the eBook text of the training manual, as well as 16 full weeks of training to get you to the top of your mountain this Summer. The form below will reveal the Buy Now button, so submit it and don’t…

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    Back Hyperextension to Superman Plank

    I do Back Hyperextensions regularly in my training. I usually do them as a warmup for my other training especially on leg days. Getting the lower back prepared for squats and deadlifts is essential. In the video below I demonstrate a decent lower back position when doing Back Hayperextension exercises. Be sure to keep that back straight and don’t let the curve in your lower back collapse, like the classic angry cat image. Back Hyperextension: close up of lower back and glute area From the Youtube Page: I keep my lower back static while feeling the emphasis in my hamstrings and glutes. It’s not really a workout, but it’s a…

  • Weighted Backpack Training

    Weighted Backpack Training – 60 lb pack

    Weighted backpack training is almost essential for mountaineering success. Most types of climbing and hiking adventures require you to carry a backpack. If you train with a heavy backpack previous to your trip, you will most likely do better. I went in and put my bags through the x-ray, forgetting my passport in my bag, causing the poor door guards minor consternation, since I had to go past the gate to collect my passport, but could not pass the gate without one. We got it sorted out, and I went to the check in desk. My completely full backpack was only 14 kg. — Elbrus, My Waterloo (Seven Summits Quest)…

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    Bodyweight Exercise One Legged Band Sissy Squat

    I like to do some type of bodyweight exercise for warming up. It’s also great for working the smaller stabilizing muscles that I think shouldn’t be trained under heavy load. Unilateral bodyweight exercise is particularly good for the stabilizers and core. In this example, the one legged band sissy squat, it takes a lot of effort to stay level. It’s definitely not for beginners. You should get in a few hundred reps on the two leg version of this bodyweight exercise before trying the single leg version. Try it with your feet and knees together to work your way into it. This simulates the balance of doing it with one…

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