Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary

I have been curious about the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary since 2010. At that time I did the Qualifier in spite of having to squeeze my cheeks together from intestinal illness. I did qualify, but had to see the event doctor the morning of the Race, and was medicated and pulled out. I have been wanting to go back for the last few years. In 2011 there was no race, as the area was closed. In 2012 I had already booked an event the week of the race. I did not see the announcement with the schedule in time to put it on the calendar in time. Instead I ended up going to Russia a couple weeks after.

the elbrus race 2013 itinerary will require me to show up fully trained
Running in crampons to Camp Muir on Rainier in 2010 when I was training for Elbrus Race

This resulted in my book “Elbrus, My Waterloo” [available on Amazon]. The quote below is from my second acclimatization hike, to Pastukhova Rocks, about 3,000′ above the Barrels Huts. I did not go fast enough to Qualify, missed it by 16 minutes, but I wasn’t training that way in 2012.

The conditions reminded me of the Muir Snowfield on Rainier in September. Open crevasses in the middle of the snowcat trail, water running over gravel-dusted ice with a layer of slush, bare dirt hills at 40% or better grade with waterfalls running down them…
The trail angled just to the left at Pastukhova Rocks, which seemed quite bare this fall. I had set a goal of hitting the Rocks at 1:00 PM, and I made 1:06. Amazing, 2:13 from the Barrels, but I was beat and empty. I didn’t want to take any more time out than I already had leaning over my poles to pant every hundred steps on the way up. Yes, I was counting. — Elbrus, My Waterloo

Training for the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary

I had a couple years in which I’d experimented with lower intensity work. I had some kidney and gall bladder issues to deal with. I had some problems at work to deal with. After I returned home from Aconcagua I did some experimenting with a hybrid training program based on my training for Elbrus Race. I attribute my success on Orizaba, and later on Carstensz, on my revised training. When I recently saw that the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary was pretty much the same as the itinerary they used for 2010 I was quite happy.

Training for the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary with Trail Running
Trail Running Preparation for the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary

Over the next few months I’ll put up some more of my thoughts about training and preparing.

VIII international Elbrus Race 2013 program :

Date Days Day’s program
15.09.2013 day 01 Flight arrival to Min Vody. Transfer to Baksan Valley, Azau station. Accommodation in the Hotel Elba.
16.09.2013 day 02 Acclimatization walking nearby. Accommodation in the Hotel Elba.
17.09.2013 day 03 Transfer to Azau lift station. The opening of the competition. Going up to refuge “Barrels” ~3710m. Night at refuge “Barrels”
18.09.2013 day04 Qualifying speed climb from Barrels hut to the Pastukov rocks, 4800 m.
19.09.2013 day 05
(full moon at 15:00 pm)
Relax day. Night at the refuge “Barrels”
20.09.2013 day 06 Speed Climb of Mt. Elbrus West 5642 m. “Classic” from hut Barrels (3710) &“Extreme” from Azau 2400m Descent from Barrels to the Valley
21.09.2013 day 07 spare day for the Race or Awards Ceremony at the morning & The farewell party at the evening
22.09.2013 day 08 Transfer to airport. Flight from Min Vody..

If you’d like to read the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary for yourself, or want more information [CLICK HERE]