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Inspirational Sayings: Man on Top

Inspirational Sayings are one of my favorite “down-time” activities on Pinterest, like MY INSPIRATIONAL SAYINGS BOARD which is one of my favorites.

Inspirational Sayings: The Man on Top of the Mountain Didn't Fall There - Vince Lombardi
Inspirational Sayings: The Man on Top of the Mountain Didn’t Fall There – Vince Lombardi

The photo I used to create this inspirational sayings poster was from my summit of the Carstensz Pyramid on 30 April 2013. At the time I thought I had a cracked rib, but it was damaged sternum cartilage and torn intercostal muscles (as diagnosed by physicians in Tembagapura, Papua, Indonesia, and Orem, Utah, USA). It was a tough upward battle of mind over muscle as each pull upward with my right arm, and each downward rappel braking motion shot waves of agony through my chest. I wrote about it in my book Carstensz, Stone Age to Iron Age CLICK HERE.

Inspirational Sayings in your life

Several people have consulted with me on success topics, from money to health to fitness to athletic goals. I have encouraged some to create their own Pinterest boards of inspirational sayings that are especially meaningful to their situation. One of the cool things about being human is that we have the wealth of the wisdom of all of our ancestors available to us. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time we want to go anywhere.

It’s the law of cause and effect at work. If we empty our bank account, the effect is that we can’t pay our bills. If we don’t work out the effect is that we don’t improve our fitness. That could lead to a more long-term effect like poor health and an early demise. Inspirational sayings are one way that we can exploit that wisdom.

The Man on Top of the Mountain Didn’t Fall There
– Vince Lombardi

If you want to be on top of the mountain, you don’t fall there. You climb there. It takes work. It takes effort. It takes training. It takes skills. If along the path you do fall, you get right back up and regain your ground and keep moving till you reach the summit. I’m available to offer support.

Speaking of support, reaching the summit, and training, do you remember my “Couch to Colorado Fourteener” ebook sample? After getting some feedback from some of the more vocal readers I have made several revisions and am almost ready to publish it as a training program. If you’re interested, drop me a note in the comments section and I’ll get some more details up for you.

The Secret of Life: Conquer Some Fear

An awesome quote drifted past my desk today, and I had to share it with you.

He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life - Ralph Waldo Emerson
“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In climbing and training and in all of life, we have to face fears every day. Or live in denial. Sit down with a beer and a bag of chips and watch some WWE on pay-per-view. It’s a lot easier anyway. Not a lot of risk. When I first began climbing, I was really afraid. I couldn’t go up more than 15′ on my first few toprope climbs. I struggled and worked and overcame my reaction to my fear, but allow the fear to exist as a constant reminder to stay safe in the mountains.

Conquer Fear: the Tyrolean Traverse over 2000 foot drop on Carstensz Pyramid
Conquer Fear: the Tyrolean Traverse over 2000 foot drop on Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz Pyramid was the fulfillment of a dream. I climbed one of the most difficult of the Seven Summits in spite of constant pain from my Costochondral Separation (diagnosed separately in Tembagapura, Indonesia, and Orem, Utah) and torn intercostal muscles from a serious fall early in the trek to base camp. I could barely breath and lifting and pulling with my right arm was agonizing. I gathered my courage and faced the fear of pain and failure and permanent disability to make the 2000′ ascent on jagged limestone cliffs to the summit of Oceania, the continental plate of Australia. [Read about it HERE]

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What kinds of fears do you have when you are contemplating your future?

  • Are you wanting to lose weight?
  • Are you wanting to look good naked?
  • Are you wanting to climb a mountain?
  • Are you wanting to win a race?

All of these things carry the risk of failure, and with it the fear of failure. Sometimes that fear is so strong you can’t even begin the long road that eventually leads to success. What kinds of motivation do you need? What kinds of inspiration do you need? What can I do to work with you to help you take those first steps on that long road you should be on?

Inspirational Sayings: Never Been Before

One of my favorite inspirational sayings, and the one that I am most stoked about at the moment as I sit in the hotel room in Ouray Colorado for the Ice Fest, is in this image I put together quick.

Inspirational Sayings: Do things you've never done before
Inspirational Sayings: Do things you’ve never done before

It’s a photo of my wife, who is a great figure skater reaching out of her box with this great stemming move in the Scottish Gullies area of the Ouray Ice Park. In my life she’s like a living breathing inspirational saying. I took a lecture session with Steve House, who spent almost three years writing a book on Training for the New Alpinism [Pre-Order HERE]. As a former certified personal trainer, a lot of the more technical details of the book were good solid basic information.

Inspirational Sayings: Never let go!
Inspirational Sayings: Never let go!

What appealed to me most were his thoughts on specificity in training and the various training zones, and his motivational goal setting suggestions. I loved that, and am contemplating ways to incorporate those snippets into my own life and training. It would be tough at this time to narrow it down to any inspirational sayings and make some more of these posters, but I totally have a slew of them in mind if you want to drop by or subscribe to the blog to get them as soon as they are published.

The Power of Inspirational Sayings

Do Inspirational Sayings have power, in and of themselves? If you don’t believe in magic, then no, it would have to be the power you give them through repetition and belief. As a coach I don’t advocate any type of magic, but I have seen the benefit, even in my own life and training and expeditions, of repeating simple inspirational sayings like a mantra in times of need.

Inspirational Sayings: I can do this, I am responsible
Inspirational Sayings: I can do this, I am responsible

In my bleakest moments, trekking in a downpour on steep wet slippery muddy boggy almost invisible trails through the Indonesian jungle, I kept repeating the Brian Tracy inspirational sayings:

I am responsible
I can do this

And it worked. I did Carstensz Pyramid in spite of a serious rib/sternum injury because I believed that I could, I knew that I could, and that gave me the power to do it. Check out the book [HERE] If you need help with setting and keeping your goals, let me know and we’ll see how I can help with coaching and accountability services.

Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary

I have been curious about the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary since 2010. At that time I did the Qualifier in spite of having to squeeze my cheeks together from intestinal illness. I did qualify, but had to see the event doctor the morning of the Race, and was medicated and pulled out. I have been wanting to go back for the last few years. In 2011 there was no race, as the area was closed. In 2012 I had already booked an event the week of the race. I did not see the announcement with the schedule in time to put it on the calendar in time. Instead I ended up going to Russia a couple weeks after.

the elbrus race 2013 itinerary will require me to show up fully trained
Running in crampons to Camp Muir on Rainier in 2010 when I was training for Elbrus Race

This resulted in my book “Elbrus, My Waterloo” [available on Amazon]. The quote below is from my second acclimatization hike, to Pastukhova Rocks, about 3,000′ above the Barrels Huts. I did not go fast enough to Qualify, missed it by 16 minutes, but I wasn’t training that way in 2012.

The conditions reminded me of the Muir Snowfield on Rainier in September. Open crevasses in the middle of the snowcat trail, water running over gravel-dusted ice with a layer of slush, bare dirt hills at 40% or better grade with waterfalls running down them…
The trail angled just to the left at Pastukhova Rocks, which seemed quite bare this fall. I had set a goal of hitting the Rocks at 1:00 PM, and I made 1:06. Amazing, 2:13 from the Barrels, but I was beat and empty. I didn’t want to take any more time out than I already had leaning over my poles to pant every hundred steps on the way up. Yes, I was counting. — Elbrus, My Waterloo

Training for the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary

I had a couple years in which I’d experimented with lower intensity work. I had some kidney and gall bladder issues to deal with. I had some problems at work to deal with. After I returned home from Aconcagua I did some experimenting with a hybrid training program based on my training for Elbrus Race. I attribute my success on Orizaba, and later on Carstensz, on my revised training. When I recently saw that the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary was pretty much the same as the itinerary they used for 2010 I was quite happy.

Training for the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary with Trail Running
Trail Running Preparation for the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary

Over the next few months I’ll put up some more of my thoughts about training and preparing.

VIII international Elbrus Race 2013 program :

Date Days Day’s program
15.09.2013 day 01 Flight arrival to Min Vody. Transfer to Baksan Valley, Azau station. Accommodation in the Hotel Elba.
16.09.2013 day 02 Acclimatization walking nearby. Accommodation in the Hotel Elba.
17.09.2013 day 03 Transfer to Azau lift station. The opening of the competition. Going up to refuge “Barrels” ~3710m. Night at refuge “Barrels”
18.09.2013 day04 Qualifying speed climb from Barrels hut to the Pastukov rocks, 4800 m.
19.09.2013 day 05
(full moon at 15:00 pm)
Relax day. Night at the refuge “Barrels”
20.09.2013 day 06 Speed Climb of Mt. Elbrus West 5642 m. “Classic” from hut Barrels (3710) &“Extreme” from Azau 2400m Descent from Barrels to the Valley
21.09.2013 day 07 spare day for the Race or Awards Ceremony at the morning & The farewell party at the evening
22.09.2013 day 08 Transfer to airport. Flight from Min Vody..

If you’d like to read the Elbrus Race 2013 Itinerary for yourself, or want more information [CLICK HERE]