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    Flagstaff VK Tshirt Reveal

    Got my shirt from the Flagstaff VK a couple weeks ago, but it took a while to get around to making this box opening video. Well, envelope opening. So here you go, my Flagstaff Skyrace Tshirt out of the wrapper. When I registered on that Friday morning they told me there was some confusion in the shirt order and that they would be available for pickup at the store in Flagstaff at 3 PM, about 3 hours after the run. I had to get back home for a cyclocross race the next morning, so it would be really difficult to make that pickup and then get home much before 2…

  • Running

    Vertical K Training: Video on the hill

    Training along the flanks of Mount Mahogany outside Pleasant Grove UT. This is a branch of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with a fork up a Strava Segment titled “Green Monster” which I hadn’t been able to find. This time there was no question and I scurried up to the fork where the segment ended. Logically since it was a T intersection to a relatively flat trail. There were grades of 40% plus on this one. I have a relatively new pair of Altra Running Mens Olympus 1.5 which I’ve been breaking in. First thoughts? The medial support is a little much. The toe rocker was disturbing in the store but…

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  • Training

    Treadmill Training for Hills

    Why would anyone consider treadmill training for hills? Here are some of my favorite reasons: Recovery from injury Meeting specific goals Controlled environment Weather Time Local terrain Let me take a few minutes to examine each of these reasons or excuses for treadmill training for hills. First of all is recovery from injury. I myself am currently in this group. About a month ago I went for a hike with some 18-20 year old guys I know, and we ascended Mount Royal in Frisco CO. It was fun, but then they all decided to run down and I, like an old man in denial, decided to keep up with them.…

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    Stair Climbing for Mountaineering Fitness

    Stair Climbing for Mountaineering Fitness – the Video Stair Climbing is a great way to train for mountaineering fitness if you don’t have access to an incline treadmill or Stairmaster Stepmill. If you are creative in locating a set of steps you can try stair climbing as your own way to get in your vertical feet per week goals as spelled out in my “Mountaineering Fitness: Beginner Training Manual” available soon in Paperback and Amazon Kindle. PROGRAM HERE Stair climbing also has the added benefit of providing negative, or eccentric contractions just like in a real hiking environment. Stepmills and treadmills do not help train your muscles that provide balance,…

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