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To Glove or Not to Glove

To Glove or Not to Glove?

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So what’s the deal about gloves?

Some powerlifters and bodybuilders, etc. believe that gloves protect the hands from getting callouses that are needed to protect them from the bar. If that’s true then you should never wear gloves, and instead should build up your callouses and earn them.

Others believe that a normal person working a normal job who will never ever bench 400 pounds should just wear gloves and not worry about it. If you want to troll bodybuilding and powerlifting message boards just post that gloves are essential and watch the flames grow into an inferno.

Gloves - so I don't lose my sweaty grip on the ice tools and hit the concrete floor hard
Gloves – so I don’t lose my sweaty grip on the ice tools and hit the concrete floor hard.

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