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    Working with the Weather – St. George City Half Marathon

    When you need to run in conditions other than what you’re used to, what is the solution for clothing? The weather in Saint George Utah will be in the low-mid 30’s to start at 9 AM, possibly up to low-mid 40’s at 11:25 when I should have crossed the finish line.   From Active.com: 30-40°F It’s time to start taking your base layers seriously. Make sure they are non-cotton so that they wick sweat off your body—extremely important in colder temperatures when body moisture can lead to hypothermia. Also, start thinking about extremities. Try a fleece headband over your ears and fingerless running gloves for your hands. If it’s below…

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  • Review

    Under Armour Wind Stopper Tights Review

    I’ve had my Gore Windstopper tights by UnderArmour out for a handful of winter running outings. Temperatures were between 17F and 34F. It was a tad chilly at 17 and a tad warm at 34, but otherwise a good selection for winter training outside. No real fit issues. No chafing. Easy in and out for bathroom breaks. Easy to adjust the waist tie. No complaints. See on AMAZON HERE Gore Windstopper tights by Under Armour Review

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  • Running

    Running in Foot Deep Powder

    Today was a great day for a trail run. I went trailrunning this morning at -1F (according to the weather channel). Accuweather had it at -13. I went out on the deck and it felt more like the weather channel had it at -1F so I dressed for that. It was snowing pretty hard and there was at least 8″ of new snow on the ground. I wore a minimum of clothing, in spite of the cold. It’s better to be slightly cold and dry, rather than dressed really warmly but sweat too much. That sweat will chill you if the wind hits it. I wore my Pearl Izumi Trail…

  • Training

    Trail Running Microspikes in Winter

    I normally only wear trail running microspikes, like the Kahtoola Microspikes while doing speed ascents on mountains, like Quandary or Grays, Colorado 14ers. The snow this year has been so soft, and the trails have been so slow, that I tried running in just plain lugged shoes, snowshoes [STORY HERE] and my spiked running shoes [STORY HERE]. A couple weeks ago the Spring Thaw finally arrived and after a couple of good damp snowfalls and a few days of sun the trails became more firm with a good surface for spiked running. Trail Running Spiked Running Shoes in Winter I was feeling really good on 19 February, so I took off…

  • Training

    Trail Running Fartlek Training

    I went out this morning for some winter trail running. My goal for the current program was 4.2 miles. I figured I’d be able to crank that out even with some uphill walking in less than an hour depending on snow conditions. I started at a local pool parking lot, like usual. I had done some ice climbing the day before which required a mile approach with over 500′ of elevation gain hiking up a steep gully of rock and ice. I wasn’t sure how that would affect my trail running, so I was ready to just jog lightly if needed. The first part of the road was slick ice…

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    Trail Running in Winter at Keystone

    Trail running in the winter can be exhilarating and quite an adventure. It’s one of my favorite activities. I love to run in the Winter in Keystone Colorado at 9300′ or more in elevation. One of my favorite trails to run on is the Keystone Gulch Road. This is the access for snowcats and snowmobiles to the back lifts of Keystone Resort. Normally the road is packed down by the constant daily snowmobile traffic, so it’s easy enough to run in spiked shoes. I had done Gray’s Peak with a friend on Saturday December 29 on a very cold day. My Polar Graph showed that I should have about five…