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Protein Oatmeal Recipe DIY

I’ve been eating this for quite some time, and have shared my protein oatmeal recipe with several of my friends and those I consult as a trainer. In fact, this recipe is one of the primary reasons that I use the protein that I do – BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder. When you mix most protein powders into something hot, like this protein oatmeal recipe they tend to coagulate. The protein gels up like cooking an egg white and the taste is usually awful. The BSN proteins seem to tolerate the heat better. Just be sure not to actually boil it. I’ll explain the sequence I use below.

Protein Oatmeal Recipe Ingredients:

  • 100 Calories Oats (rolled, cut, crushed, instant, whatever)
  • 100 Calories BSN Protein (vanilla, strawberry, ?)
  • 50 Calories raisins (craisins, dried fruit bits)
  • Dash of Cinnamon
Protein Oatmeal Recipe Ingredients on the counter
Protein Oatmeal Recipe Ingredients on the counter

I’m using an electric kettle for the relative speed and efficiency in boiling a cup of water. You’ll see in the photo I also have a ceramic bowl and hidden is a small round plastic plate that I’ll use as a cover. Off to the side is my battery powered gram scale.

To weigh out my portions I need to know how much 100 calories is for each of the ingredients. I’m going to suggest my Online 100 Calorie Portion Food Calculator [HERE]. I read the backs of each of the packages to get the information on a serving size in grams, and how many calories that is. Plug that into the calculator and you get the grams in a 100 calorie portion. That’s a lot of raisins so I cut that in half for a 50 calorie portion.

The above gallery shows the results of calculating a 100 calorie portion for each of the ingredients in my protein oatmeal recipe. Note that as I stipulate in my manual “The 100 Calorie Diet Plan” always round down if fat loss is your goal. Check it out [HERE] if you’re curious.

After turning on the kettle to boil, I weighed out the raisins and oatmeal into the ceramic bowl and then the BSN protein into a small plastic cup. Be sure to zero your scale between items if you’re weighing more than one and don’t make mistakes. It’s hard to separate out some ingredients if you’re weighing them all together. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the uncooked oats. I like to have the flavor cooked in but some people might prefer to add it in on top afterward.

The gallery above shows this portion of the process up to when I pour the boiling water on top. Add in about a cup of water, to taste, allowing for the oats and raisins to absorb some and swell up. Make sure there is enough water to stir in the protein. Put a plastic plate on top to allow the hot water to steam the oats and raisins and “cook” them through.

Let it steam through for a few minutes. Three to five minutes should do it. Take the improvised lid off and stir in the 100 calories of BSN protein. I prefer vanilla in this protein oatmeal recipe, but I have tried and liked strawberry too. In my opinion chocolate doesn’t taste all that good in oatmeal, but you might like it. When it’s all creamy and smooth start eating.

Results of the protein oatmeal recipe - great tasting 250 calorie meal
Results of the protein oatmeal recipe – great tasting 250 calorie meal

Experiment if you like to create your own protein oatmeal recipe. Post pics and instructions on my Facebook Page and let’s share these great tasting, low sugar, balanced meals that totally fit in with a food portion control system.

Very Berry Protein Yogurt

This is a total treat, right up there with ice cream, but way better for you.

In a bowl stir together:
1 cup fat-free plain yogurt
1 scoop strawberry protein powder

gently stir in:
1/2 cup mixed frozen berries

It’s great to start eating right away, as the berries seem to thaw as you stir and eat, leaving some ice crystals for chewy surprise texture.

Breakfast Shakes

I developed my Breakfast Shake recipe while Training for the Elbrus Race (a mountain running race in Russia) 2010. I typically train for a couple hours in the morning on an empty stomach (my morning workout supplement drinks have little to no calories). I feel that breakfast shakes are the perfect way to replenish the nutrients burned during my exercise, and prepares me for the day.

Shake Ingredients
Breakfast Shake Ingredients

Recipe for my breakfast shakes

1 Packet FullStrength or 2 scoops of protein powder
5 gm creatine
5 gm glutamine
5 gm BCAA powder
1 scoop Amazing Grass Energy Green Superfood Lemon Lime
1 tsp cinnamon
2 1/2 cups water

I blend it all up for a few seconds (pour while blender is on for less lumpy results). Awesome start to the day. I believe that if you make the change to breakfast shakes as your post-workout meal you’ll probably feel a boost in energy and motivation, and highly recommend you do not add a bunch of high-fructose fruit and other sweeteners, which could leave you feeling bloated and lethargic over the course of the day.

blended shake
Breakfast Shake ready to drink

Breakfast shakes with more carbs

Some people would need additional carbs in their breakfast shakes, either because they’re training very hard (more than 2 hours per day) or doing massive weight training (splits or some type of strongman or powerlifting regimen). Sometimes you’re just starting out and need a transition from your standard American breakfast. I think for those people, you could add a banana, or handful of raspberries to your breakfast shakes and be fine. There is a lot of talk lately about cherries, but I haven’t had a chance to explore that.

breakfast shakes with FullStrength and raspberries
Add some raspberries to your breakfast shakes for a little sweetness

The type of protein you use in your breakfast shakes can make a big difference too. I rotate around a bit depending on my phase of training. If I’m going low carb I prefer the BSN Syntha6. If I’m training fairly hard and need a little more balanced nutrition I go with FullStrength. If I’m training very very hard, especially if I’m doing two or more hours of cardio in a day, I like to include a Mass Gainer protein mix, with a lot of additional ingredients like fiber and slow release complex carbs.

breakfast shakes with raspberries in the mixer
Blend your breakfast shakes to a smooth consistency, even with the addition of fruit or fiber blends