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These are links to posts from my original blog on blogger = I started posting there, then switched to posting here, and now post in both places. Longer articles are generally here, and shorter snippets of thoughts are posted there. Go check it out if any of these headlines appeal to your curiosity. Thanks!

  • Trail Running Slick Roads Winter is Coming

    This morning I went out for my trailrunning adventure. It was 21F with a real feel of 4F. Yeah. So I dug out my Salomon Softshell Hybrid jacket and pants and my REI winter cycling gloves.It was pretty cool, but most surprising it was slick. The rain/snow from the day before had stuck on the dirt road I usually run on, and the wet muddy spots were no longer mud slick, they were ice slick.... Read more »

  • Joe Average vs. Fitness Model

    For my book Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging I included several photos to illustrate the exercises. Actually, my book publishing software claims 88 photos in the book. For each of the exercises in the book I had two choices. I could put in a photo of myself, or a photo of a fitness model.Fitness models aren't that hard to come by. In the two local gyms I've trained in here in... Read more »

  • Trail running first snow

    Woke up this morning to snow on the rooftops, in the shadows and on the grass. The ground is still too warm for the snow to stick. I went for a run and it was snowing graupel. I wore my windproof tights and a jacket over a medium base layer. I wore softshell gloves, helmet liner, and a nylon baseball cap. I was wearing mountaineering socks under my Hoka Stinson Evo Shoes. Winter is well... Read more »

  • Back in Training

    Ice Season is just around the corner. There are a few thin trickles of ice near my Summit County Colorado home and office that are sometimes good enough to climb in the first week of November. I'm counting on it.I've returned to weight training on a regular basis after having had almost a year off. I had some injury and illness issues that prevented me from going to a gym but now I'm back in... Read more »

  • Are Wearables a Threat to Fitness?

    Wearables are electronic devices that you wear on a regular basis. Think of the various BitFit wristbands and the like. That's the most basic way to explain it. A lot less complicated than a Heart Rate GPS Watch. Though a science fiction branch of this is offering blood pressure readings remotely from your phone and a wealth of other really important functions. In spite of that though, a growing swell of intense marketing is trying... Read more »

  • Bunch of Running Shoes

    I've been rotating my running shoes since 2011 when I began running sort of seriously. Unless you take my various RUNNING articles under consideration. In that case it might be difficult to apply the word "seriously" to anything I write regarding running.I began with a pair of Asics Gel something or other. Classic shoes with a classic fit, huge rock solid heel and heel cup. I believed myself to be an under-pronator, based on a... Read more »

  • Goals for Strength, Power, and Endurance

    Like no one can serve two masters, you can't have two primary goals. You could have a primary goal and a couple of secondary goals, and a handful of minor goals, so long as there are no direct conflicts. In general. There might be some exceptions.Recently on a Facebook group I belong to for Ultra Runners (running a distance greater than a marathon, typically 50k, 50 mi, 100k, 100 mi) someone posted about slow tired... Read more »

  • Personal Trainer Personalities Part One

    I've seen quite a few personal trainers over the years. I've interacted with quite a few too. Over the past few years I've had a few contact me on various social media sites. If you recall at one time I was certified by ISSA, which is recognized by many clubs and institutions. While this lends a certain amount of credibility for some, there are always the college educated ones out there too.If you've never climbed... Read more »

  • Mud Run on Keystone Gulch Road - May 3

    Springtime in Summit County is called "Mud Season" for a reason. Here's a brief video I made of my run up Keystone Gulch Road on Saturday May 3. It was a real blast. There were maintenance crews from the resort up the road putting in small trenches to keep the erosion down. I encountered snow, ice, slush, mud and the very rare and coveted dry dirt. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];... Read more »

  • Skewed Anti-Cardio Study Example

    I've mentioned the prevalence of the "Anti-Cardio" smear campaigns, usually advertised by someone trying to sell a HIIT or other Insane or Box program. Here's a perfect example of how these studies work:One study divided participants into two groups. One ran on a treadmill for 30 minutes 4x a week for 4 months. The other group did only one set of either burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks or squat thrusts with 20 seconds on 10... Read more »

  • Running Advice Sarcasm

    A very long time ago I had the misfortune of asking various "runners" questions about "running" and got some very interesting answers. I use the quotes here to emphasize that most of the stuff I got was pretty worthless in the big scheme of things. In fact, you would have to consider them to be sarcasm.I wrote a slightly tongue in cheek article as a result "7 Reasons I'm Not a Runner" HERE.Trail Running in... Read more »

  • The One Exercise You Must Never Do! And Other Marketing Scams

    The One Exercise You Must Never Do!Come on, I know someone has sent an email to you with that headline. Maybe one of the Facebook Pages you follow or liked? Maybe on an ad-supported blog? I've written here and on a few other blogs about how our poor minds are assaulted by:Bad MathBad StatisticsBad MedicineBad ScienceThis is a perfect example.Running will kill you and make you fat and make your heart explode and cause world... Read more »

  • Weight Training Secret Manual: 8 Hacks to Beat the Plateau

    It's awesome to write my first training program manual, publishing it on Amazon, and in that same week rise to the top of the ranks in two categories that are completely relevant and somewhat competitive. I want to thank everyone who took advantage of the two free days of celebration with free downloads on Amazon [CLICK HERE].#1 for Kindle->Short->22-32 Pages->Sports & Outdoors#2 for Kindle->eBooks->Nonfiction->Sports->TrainingI wrote the training manual to address a need common among those... Read more »

  • Training to Climb Kilimanjaro

    In one of the Social Media sites recently I saw a link to this great statement about training to climb Kilimanjaro.Preparing for a Kilimanjaro Climb:Most people prepare for Kilimanjaro with fitness training .. getting reasonably fit makes sense, the gym work outs or sprinting up flights stairs etc will not prepare your body for the demands of a Kili Climb. You need to get your body used to walking for several hours for several days,... Read more »

  • Fun with statistics

    Have you heard the news? People who take any dosage, any amount, for any duration, of Vitamin E are twice as likely to die from any and all causes. I've posted about this hilariously scary statistic a time or two. Imagining the horror of someone popping open a bottle of Vitamin E and just as the pill touches their tongue an airplane engine comes crashing into their bedroom and wipes out the house and takes... Read more »

  • Winter Trailrunning Footwear

    I've discussed my winter trailrunning footwear with a few people now who are curious how I can run at -10F in regular running shoes without freezing my feet. I think the clothes you wear on the rest of your body are an essential part of the mix. If your core gets too cold your body will shut down the flow of blood to your extremities resulting in cold fingers and toes.Winter Trailrunning Footwear Base Layer... Read more »

  • Stay Injury-Free on the Treadmill

    Runner's World recently published an article Stay Injury-Free on the Treadmill and after reading it, I feel that as one who trains regularly on a treadmill, I need to comment on some of the points they made.1) Speedwork on the treadmill:because the treadmill keeps moving even as you tire, you may overstride—land with your foot too far ahead of your body—as you attempt to keep up with a too-fast beltThough this is also true when... Read more »

  • The 100 Calorie Diet Plan Food Portion Calculator

    In my latest book "The 100 Calorie Diet Plan" I outline a program using simple math to calculate food portions that will allow you to eat all day long and still lose fat. CLICK HERE if you want more info on that book.Get the information you need from the product labelFirst of all you'll need some simple basic information off the product label.Serving Size in GramsCalories in a ServingAnd that's it for now. Enter these... Read more »

  • Why I might never do another 5K Run

    I had some fun with my 7 Reasons I'm Not a Runner [ARTICLE] and now I discuss the highly revered 5K. It's a popular topic, and if you go to any of the common content-mills like or RunnersWorld you'll countless articles about how to train for it, how to run it, race day preparation, in-race nutrition, drop bags, and probably even how to tie your shoes for a 5K Run. I have commented a... Read more »

  • Incline Treadmill Calculator

    This is an Incline Treadmill Calculator I have been using for a couple of years now for my Elbrus Race training. I also use it for training for my speed ascents on Colorado 14'ers and Utah Wasatch Front peaks. Incline Treadmill Calculator(if it doesn't load correctly please refresh this page)If you have access to a Nordic Track or Freemotion Incline Trainer, they are able to go up to 40% incline. Some of their models... Read more »

  • Stairmaster Workout - Stepmill Calculator

    This is a Stairmaster Workout Stepmill Calculator I have been using for a couple of years now for my Elbrus Race training. I also use it for training for my speed ascents on Colorado 14'ers and Utah Wasatch Front peaks. UPDATE: I recently rewrote this to output data similar to the Incline Treadmill Calculator. I want it to work better with my "Couch to Colorado 14er" Training Program, due out in Mid-March. For the... Read more »

  • Ice Climbing Training: Shoulder Mobility Kettle Bell Circuit

    I don't train shoulders hard for Ice Climbing as they don't have to do a lot of work, but you do need to keep them in balance with your lats. If your lats are too strong for your shoulders you could have some mobility and injury issues. Here I'm doing a quick circuit with kettle bells to loosen up and dynamically strengthen my shoulders.Note that these are not traditional kettle bell swings. Don't throw a... Read more »

  • Ice Climbing Training: Ice Tool Chinups

    Now that I'm done with Elbrus Race 2013 I have to start training in earnest for the upcoming ice climbing season, about 6 to 8 weeks away. This morning I did an upper body routine and I'll be sharing that with you over the next few weeks so maybe you'll start training with some of my tips.This morning I did Ice Tool Chinups. Here I'm using a regular hangboard with the tips of the tools... Read more »

  • Seven reasons I'm not a runner

    I've had quite a few discussions with people who claim to be runners over the years. On Twitter and Facebook and in person.  Based on how these typically end up I have to admit I'm not a runner. 1. I can't run a 21 minute 5k2. I weigh over 150 lb3. I strength train4. I don't do yoga5. I stretch6. I like the treadmill7. I like using Nordic poles on steep trailsThere's a quick 7... Read more »

  • Testing out the foot - Stairmaster at 9600' in Breckenridge Colorado

    I had been to Utah and tested out the foot on the Stairmaster there, and managed to find a shoe/sock combination that worked. On Tuesday there I did 66 minutes at 75 steps/minute for 3300' of elevation. That's a bit less than a qualifier (3570'). I did that at 5200' of elevation in Utah County.On Wednesday in Breckenridge Colorado at the Recreation Center I set it at Level 10 (slightly different control panel) which equates... Read more »

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