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    Training Logs – October Part One

    While writing my book, recently released on Kindle Elbrus, My Waterloo (Seven Summits Quest) I adjusted my program slightly to emphasize weights and cut down on cardio quite a bit. This is the first half of October. Training Logs for early October Saturday October 13 Hike: 5.8 miles up Keystone Gulch 600′ elevation Thursday¬†October¬†11 I: 3:00 Rest Day Wednesday October 10 I: 2:00 High Box Squat: 25 @ BW; 155; 205; 235; 235 lb Incline Bench Press: 2 x 25 @ 45 lb Low Row: 2 x 25 @ 45 lb ITM: 787′ .40 mi – 24:06 – 40% – (0.996 ave.) – [60:15 pace] – 844.8′ – (2103/35.05 vert…

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    February training workshop

    Chad Waterbury gave a great workshop on training and nutrition with a ton of great ideas and thought-provoking concepts at this event at Staley Performance Institute in Phoenix Arizona. I have a lot of really cool ideas to experiment with and report in later blog posts. Thanks everyone.

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    Ultimate Upper Body Cardio Training

    Concept2 SkiErg Training The moment I saw a clip of this in action, I knew this would be the most awesome training for low-angle ice, or glacier climbing ever. I think it was originally intended for cross country ski training, and having done some XC skiing way back in the day, I can see the benefit already. I am using poles for a lot of my vertical hiking – another perfect training application. I ordered the wall-mount model direct from Concept2, and got the PM4 monitor (the higher end of the two monitors available). It took about a week to arrive. After hauling it down to my basement, it really…

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    Training Report for November 2011

    For November I increased my weight training a bit. My own personal opinion is that during the cold and dark winter months the body naturally goes into a form of anti-hybernation. You sleep more and eat more. Optimum conditions for gaining muscle mass. So I upped my weight training. For weights right now I’m doing some good basics: Front Squats Box Squats Straight Leg Deadlifts Bench Press Military Press Front Row High Row Low Row Pulldown Along with some limited accessory movements: Facepull Haney Shrug Seated Calf Raise Standing Calf Raise Dumbbell Shoulder Raise Later I’ll post my set/rep plan if you’re curious at all. For cardio, I’m still working…