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Too exhausted to Repin on Pinterest

I was chatting with my wife Angie this morning on FB Messenger. She’s been skating really hard, having just completed one competition and on the way to another, with the goal of working in a double jump and getting her axel solid. She was having some recovery issues, and she said:

Angie: you know you are exhausted when you are too tired to hit REPIN on Pinterest

Angie and Coach Todd Gilles at Desert Ice in Las Vegas Nevada, November 2013
Angie and Coach Todd Gilles at Desert Ice in Las Vegas Nevada, November 2013

It was so fun talking about her recovery, and the usual stretching, ibuprofen, rolling, hot bath, consuming a few more calories, a few more quality carbs, a few more aminos. I got the sudden inspiration:

Me: that is so totally worth being a slogan

I spent a few minutes in Gimp (my current photo editor of choice) and whipped this up in just a few minutes. I had a tough time selecting pictures since I’m not on my main photo editing computer, so don’t have access to a lot of my favorite images. But it’ll be a good test of the system, to see how this works out. Could be fun.

Too exhausted to repin
Too exhausted to repin on Pinterest

As an aside, this was in December of 2010 at about 185 lb and 14% bodyfat. This image originally appeared in my Blogger Blog article DIY: Twin D-Handle Long Chain Workout Accessory – how to make your own Lat Row extension so you can pull back farther past your chest for a longer range of motion (ROM) while doing various lat exercises. I should do an article on how to use it here on this blog.

Basement Training Room Updated

Finished the floor for my basement training room. This is the room where my weight equipment gets used. I bought a few boxes of the plastic garage flooring at Costco (they have it every summer) and staggered the black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern. It’s pretty fast and simple to do. I had to cut the tiles around the edges on two walls. The space I left is for the framing for insulated walls with electric outlets – that should be later in the year, maybe summer.

I started at the most difficult place – an “L” and worked my way outward to the right and back (facing the L) then the left and front. I had just the right gap to the right and back, but to the front and right I had to cut tiles. To the front it was just the little extended locking teeth that had to come off, but to the left I had to split the tiles almost in half (5-3/4″ of 12″ tiles). I used a small crosscut saw for cutting after marking a line with pencil, and I used a 2 lb rubber mallet to knock the tiles in place.

[picasa gallery]

I took a few pictures of how I arranged the equipment for the best most efficient use based on a few years of experience with it. I’ll put up more pics and maybe some vid as I go along. I’m working on a companion volume to my ebook Planning Your Home Cardio Theater, sadly, no longer available for Amazon Kindle.

Remember, the single most important success factor in my transformation has been training at home. It could work for you.

February training workshop

Chad Waterbury gave a great workshop on training and nutrition with a ton of great ideas and thought-provoking concepts at this event at Staley Performance Institute in Phoenix Arizona. I have a lot of really cool ideas to experiment with and report in later blog posts. Thanks everyone.