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Hiking, Nordic Walking, Mountaineering, Peak Bagging, Skiing, Snowshoeing and so much more. Lots of people want to do start doing these sports but they’re out of shape, or slow, or just let themselves go due to work or family. Some people are in pretty good shape but have never realized the benefit of a structured training program using progressive training protocols. Now is the time to become the best you can be.

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Quandary East Ridge just below the summit
Quandary East Ridge just below the summit for a PR Skyrunning Ascent

If you are active in the outdoors, or just want to be more active, this book helps you get in the best shape you can fast. In only 16 weeks you’ll be stronger and faster at all of your favorite adventure outdoors sports. Every day of the 16 weeks is laid out for you in training tables that are easy to read and easy to follow. Every exercise is illustrated in detail so you know the right way to do it. Over 120 tables and 88 illustrations show you the way to accomplish your goals.

16 Weeks to the Top of the Peaks!

Every exercise in this book can be done in a commercial gym, a home gym, or even outdoors with less than $100 in gear. It’s all explained for you. There is supplementary material available to give you even more help, and allow you to adjust the training program to suit your own needs.

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Buy it today, and begin your four month transformation and achieve your outdoors dreams now. Perfect gift for your friend, family, or loved one who hikes, skis, runs, snowshoes or any other sport on trails in the mountains or hills.

Kindle: the tables are formatted depending on your model, but supplementary material is available.

64,000 Words, 340 Pages, 120 tables, 88 photos

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Todd Gilles and I at Elbrus Race 2013. I coached him to 3rd place and took 5th place for myself.
Todd Gilles and I at Elbrus Race 2013. I coached him to 3rd place and took 5th place for myself.


5-Star Review:

This book has put my life on a new direction. I feel more inspired to get fit and do those climbs and mountain trails than I ever have before, because after reading this book I believe I can do it. This author is an outstanding teacher. He clearly knows what he’s talking about but he can explain the whole things in ways that are easy to understand, yet he does not talk down to the reader. I felt the conviction of the author that he believes in every one of us and our ability to train for hiking, mountaineering, and peak bagging (to borrow from the title!). The book is loaded with good pictures that helped me to see what he meant by certain exercises and equipment, and it also has helpful charts that we can use to track our progress and set goals. He’s used the knowledge he’s gained over many years of training and climbing and mountaineering to put together a great and do-able plan to help us enjoy the same adventures he’s been sharing with us in his books. I love how he’ll share tidbits of his adventures and how they apply to what he’s explaining at the moment. Many manuals like this are dry reading but I found this one to be interesting all the way to the end. Very good job, Mr. Miske. I look forward to your future books. Thanks for your commitment and hard work in teaching others.