All products are shipped as soon as possible, preferably to the USA only, unless otherwise specified in the description.

All virtual products (webinars, consultations, memberships, etc) will have an email sent to you with a description of how you will receive or schedule.

All downloadable products will be available at a link sent to you, generally behind a login page and will be available for 3-5 days. Details will be in your receipt email.

If something goes wrong let me know, I’d rather help you as soon as possible.


1) I am currently a Goal0 athlete. I receive no compensation or pay other than the occasional free solar equipment. In return I test and experiment under expedition conditions.

2) I am an Amazon Affiliate. I do not have a lot of traffic, so I don’t receive all that much from it. I put up links to Amazon for the images and descriptions and reviews that go along with it, and as well, I do totally believe in Amazon and buy a lot of stuff there. Anything I show that I did purchase on Amazon was completely with my own money.

3) Other equipment: I buy from a variety of sources, some local, some global. If it makes sense to put up a link, I will. Otherwise, google or bing or yahoo can help you.

As best I know, everything I write about is true and factual, and I actually did it or know someone personally who is doing or did do it. Thanks and good reading.

Kili Barranco Camp - December 30, 2009
Kili Barranco Camp – December 30, 2009

Personal Training Disclaimer: I had a personal training certification at one time through one of the major certifying companies, and decided not to renew it when the expiration came. I am currently not actively training clients in any live facility. I do virtual coaching as well as manage a small number of athletes. I coached Todd Gilles to his 3rd place finish at Elbrus Race 2013. He was the first American athlete to place in this international skyrunning event in 20 years. I am loosely affiliated with a couple of women, each shooting to become the first American woman to place.

I have produced some nutrition and exercise books and training programs and manage remote clients for fitness and fat loss in addition to athletic training for mountaineering and hiking.

I am not now, nor ever have been, a licensed medical professional. If anything I do or say implies medical advice or knowledge please verify that it applies to you with your own licensed medical professional and take everything from me or any other online trainer with a grain of salt and a pinch of common sense.

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